5L glass demijohn

5 Litre - Demijohn - Glass

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High quality 5 Litre Glass Demijohn fermenters made in Italy that come with a finger hole for easy carry and neck indentations for use of clip lock lids. Perfect for brewing or sour beer making, wine making, cider or mead making they are easy to clean with brewing cleaners Silicon Bung (25-38mm) and Airlock are accessories that can be purchased separately and you need to get a 25 x 38 Bored Bung for a good seal on these Demijohns. Nice and easy to clean carry and store glass fermenter and something oxygen tight to store your secondary fermentation or sour beers then you want to get your hands on one of these handy to have for any home brewery, homebrewer or winemaker or backyard artisan! Perfect for small batch 1 gallon brewing or experimentation with split batch brewing or home cider, mead or wine making