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Angela works tirelessly to help others and thinks of the world and other Germans ahead of her own welfare and needs. After a busy day running a nation she likes to kick back and relax with a beer based on a 150-year-old recipe from Munich, Germany. This version of a Munich Dunkel is slightly darker and surprisingly easy drinking with a low ABV and crisp finish.  Perfect for a social democrat or any thirsty home brewer in need of refreshment after a long day at work!

So, well, what are you waiting for mate? Brew and Enjoy an Angela | Dunkel Dark Lager #cheers #enjoyresponsibly #brewhappy always

Angela | Dunkel

An easy drinking Munich Dunkel or Dark Lager by Dermott Dowling

Vital Stats:

  • 1.051 OG
  • 1.010 FG
  • 26 IBU
  • 46 EBC
  • 5.4 % ABV
  • 0.516 Bitterness ratio
  • 21 litre brew length
  • 90 minute boil
  • Single Infusion Mash - 72% Efficiency



Amount  Hop                  Time    Use      Form AA

  • 50 g Tettnang (GR)        60 min   Boil         Pellet   3.1 %
  • 40 g Tettnang (GR)        20 min   Boil         Pellet   3.1 %



Liquid: Omega Yeast



  1. Mash – the brewer should do normal mash regime, mashing at 66 C for up to 75 mins with a water to grist ratio of 3:1 (3 parts water to every 1 Kg of Grain) approx. 12.65 L of water to 4.85 Kg Grist at the start of the mash.  Add liquor if too thick.
  2. Sparge – once again the brewer should do normal regime at around 76C with approx 19L of water to bring the pre-boil volume to around 25L assuming a 2L/hour boil off.
  3. Boil – vigorous boil for 90 mins. You may want to boil for 90 mins if time permits with first bittering hop addition at 60 mins.
  4. Hops: 50 g Tettnanger GR Hops at 60 mins from end of boil and a further 40g of Tettnanger GR Hops @20 mins from end of boil.
  5. Pitch Yeast - Chill wort to 10° C (50° F) and pitch yeast.
  6. Fermentation - Allow fermentation to free rise to 11° C (52° F).  After fermentation and a diacetyl rest, drop temperature by 5 degrees a day until you reach 2° C (35° F). Lager at 2° C (35° F) for 3 weeks.
  7. Bottle or keg as normal with C02 level of 2.2-2.7 vols.

Sauces of Brewspiration: