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Milled: Yes
Yeast: Dry

We all enjoy some Eurotrash and Californication so we thought it would be cool to mash up the best Pilsen Malteurop Malt with Hallertau Blanc GR Hops and for a fast and furious yet soft and subtle EuroCal Lager.  Just in time for Spring Break or Summer Pool or Porch Sessions.  This mild mannered mid level ABV EuroCal Lager will have you reaching for the Kegerator Taps or Fridge all Spring and Summer long and leave you wishing you brewed a Bigger Batch!

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Vital Stats:

Batch & Boil

  • Batch Size: 21 Litres / 5.25 US Gallons
  • Boil Time: 90 mins


  • OG 1.054
  • FG 1.008
  • IBU 38
  • ABV 4.7%
  • Colour 7 EBC


Amt    Name                           Colour       % Grist

5.00 Kg  Malteurop Pilsen Malt           3.8 EBC       95%

0.25 Kg  Crisp Dextrin Malt                 3.0 EBC         5%  

5.25 Kg  TOTAL                                    7   EBC      100%


  1. 30 gm Hallertau Blanc GR Pellets - Alpha: 8.9% – 60 minutes boil addition
  2. 30 gm Hallertau Blanc GR Pellets - Alpha: 8.9 % – 5 minutes from end of boil
  3. 20 gm Hallertau Blanc GR Pellets - Alpha: 8.9% – dry hop end of primary fermentation
  4. 20 gm Hallertau Blanc GR Pellets - Alpha: 8.9% – dry hop end of secondary fermentation / during diacetyl rest for 3 days


Liquid | Bluestone Yeast

Dry | Mangrove Jack's

Water Adjustments (Optional):


  1. Mill the grains and dough-in targeting a mash of around 3 Litres of water to 1 Kg of grain (a liquor-to-grist ratio of about 3:1 by weight).
  2. Step mash option A - Do a 5-minute rest at 56 °C, a 15-minute rest at 60 °C, a 30-minute rest at 68 °C and a 5-minute rest at 76 °C. Recirculate wort for about 20 minutes (or until clear), then collect wort until final runnings drop to SG 1.010.
  3. Single Infusion mash option B - Do a single infusion mash at 67°C until enzymatic conversion is complete.
  4. Infuse the mash with near boiling water while stirring or with a recirculating mash system raise the temperature to mash out at 76 °C.
  5. Sparge slowly with 77 °C water (est. 17L), collecting wort until the pre-boil kettle volume is around 25 L.
  6. Boil: 90 minutes. 1st Hop addition of 30g at 60 min and 2nd Hop addition of another 30g at 5 mins from end of boil or flameout.  Add your Yeast Nutrient at the same time.
  7. Cool wort and transfer to the primary fermenter oxygenating wort and pitching M54 Mangrove Jack's Dry Yeast at 11° C and let free rise to 13 °C.
  8. Maintain at 13 °C for 14 days. Raise temperature to 17 °C for 7 day maturation rest.
  9. If filtering, transfer to Corny keg and crash cool for 2–4 days and filter using your normal method. If not, crash cool and lager for 10–14 days until desired clarity is reached and sulfur aroma/flavor from yeast in suspension is not detectable.

  10. Target a carbonation level of 2.2 to 2.7 volumes.

  11. Drink Fresh or Lager (store cold) for a few weeks. Prost!

  12. Food pairing - Spring Rolls, Steamed Mussels, BBQ Pork, Fried Fish Tacos, Delicately Herbed Chicken, Calamari, Oysters and Crab, White Cheeses, Salmon and Hot Dogs.

Credits & Sauces of Brewspiration & Further Reading on the Style: