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Are you looking for a temperature control unit that provides powerful chilling or heating in an effective, compact design? Well, you need to look no further than The KegMaster Chilli available now!

The KegMaster Chilli is an efficient and accurate temperature control unit with an innovative design from the Keg King Engineering Department in Melbrewin, Australia.

Chilli packs serious cooling and warming capabilities into a small package that is perfectly suited for all types of brewing setups.

With generous 36 Watt capacity for heating, Chilli will keep a fermenter warm on the coldest days.

Chilli absolutely excells at cooling 30 to 35 litres (7.9 to 9.24gal) of liquid inside a proper insulating jacket to achieve 25C to 35C  (77 - 95F) of temperature differential to ambient depending on configuration. 

The KegMaster Chilli is controlled by an industry standard STC 1000 temperature controller providing the user to simply set their desired temperature setting warm or cold.

An integral pump pushes the glycol/water coolant through a heat exchanger and a heating element.

Chilli is equipped with a thermal cutout that will stop the system if the liquid temperature exceeds 60C (140F) 

KegMaster Chilli works with 12 volts DC for easy integration into battery or solar power and comes equipped with a power pack that will provide users with the ability simply plug the unit into any 10amp household outlet.

What is included in the box?:

  • KegMaster Chili unit only

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Chilli Specifications:

  • 6A 12V DC
  • Rated to cool down to -5c*
  • Rated to heat up to 35c*

*pending conditions of use. Please refer to the manual for more information. As a general rule, the lines need to be insulated, the fermenter needs to be insulated and the correct glycol ration needs to be used.

KegMaster Chilli Manual