N2 Agave Pure Yeast Nutrient


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Helter Beverages N2 Agave Pure Yeast Nutrient is specifically formulated for fermentation with agave syrup, agave nectar or freshly cooked agave juice, AGAVE PURE N2 is a complete nutritional support for your yeast.

For an easy, 1-step Agave fermentation use in conjunction with our recommended Y2 Agave Pure Yeast

N2 Agave Pure Yeast Nutrient and Buffering solution is suitable for Agave Washes, Molasses Rum and Sugarcane and Juice based wasges and high fructose spirit washes e.g. grape andf fruit based brandy washes

Pack Size:

  • 3.0 Kg Bag

Product Features and Benefits:

  • COMPLETE Yeast Nutrition
  • 2 STAGE Buffer System
  • No pH ADJUST
  • Fermentation Kinetic Enhancer
  • Maximise Throughput


Diammonium Phosphate, Mineral Salts, Vitamins, Citric Acid, Inactive Dried Yeast
*All ingredients are certified food grade

Dosage Rate:

  • For up to 6% ABV, 1.5kg per 1000L (1.5g/L), for higher % ABVs check out dosage table below.

Usage Guidance:

1. For fermentations using agave syrup ending with 6% ABV:
• Add 170 Kg of Agave Syrup (75% sugars, 76% Brix).
• Top up the tank with ambient temperature water up to the 1000 L mark.
• Add 1.5 Kg Agave Pure N2 to cooled agave juice ≤ 32°C, (DO NOT BOIL THIS NUTRIENT) Dissolve, mix then add the rehydrated Agave Pure Y2 yeast.
2. For cooked agave(100% agave sugars) simply add 1.5kg Agave Pure N2 to cooled agave juice ≤32°C Dissolve, mix then add the rehydrated Agave Pure Y2 yeast.
3. For other % ABVs using agave syrup/nectar see dosage table below.
Note: if adding pure sugars like sucrose, glucose/dextrose, you may need to add more N2 than is advised below, contact our friendly tech support team for a customized solution.

Dosage Rate Table for Different ABV %

% abv

Agave Pure Y2 Dosage

Agave Pure N2 Dosage

6% 1g/L







    Fermentation temperature:

    • 30°C - 32°C controlled.

    Typical analysis:

    • Lactic Acid Bacteria: < 100 cfu/g
    • Total Bacteria: < 100cfu/g
    • Wild Yeast: < 10cfu/g

    Storage Guidance:

    The product must be stored/transported in cool dry conditions and protected from direct heat sources (e.g. sunlight, boiler etc) and moisture.

    Shelf Life:

    The product has a shelf life of 24 months from production date printed on the product if kept at 25oc or below.

    Use within 7-days of opening.

    Made in Australia from Imported Ingredients.

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