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Helter Beverages Agave Pure Y2 Yeast Specifically selected for Agave fermentations.

Agave Pure Y2 is a fast-fermenting yeast capable of reaching 6% ABV in 24 hours or 12% ABV in 72 hours. It creates a traditional estery style Tequila spirit enhancing the agave flavor note from agave syrup, agave nectar or traditional oven cooked agave juice.

For an easy, 1-step agave fermentation use in conjunction with yeast nutrient AGAVE PURE N2 YEAST NUTRIENT.

Y2 Agave Pure Yeast is suitable for Agave Spirits, Molasses Rum and Sugarcane Juice based spirits and high fructose spirit washes e.g. grape juice based brandies

Pack Size:

  • 500g Brick

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Fast Fermenting
  • Traditional Tequila Flavours
  • Robust
  • Enhances Agave Notes
  • Balanced Esters


Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Emulsifier: Sorbitan Monostearate (E491)

*All ingredients are certified food grade

Dosage Rate:

  • 1 x 500g pack per 500L (1g/L)

Usage Guidance:

  1. Add 2 x 500g to 10L of warm water (1:10) at 35°C. Leave to rehydrate for 20 mins then stir to fully dissolve.
  2. Pitch into agave must when the must is ≤32° C. We recommend using it in combination with Agave Pure N2.

Fermentation temperature:

  • 30°C controlled (35°C Maximum)

Typical analysis:

Viable Yeast > 1.0 *1010 cfu/g
Lactic Acid Bacteria: < 1000 cfu/g
Total Bacteria: < 1000 cfu/g
Wild Yeast: < 100 cfu/g

Storage Guidance:

The product must be stored/transported in cool dry conditions and protected from direct heat sources (e.g. sunlight, boiler etc).

Shelf Life:

The product has a shelf life of 36 months from production date printed on the product.
Use within 7-days of opening.

Packed in Australia from Imported Ingredients.

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