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Omega Yeast  OYL-071 Lutra® Kveik their most popular strain in the US and is now available in Dry Yeast form.  Available in both 11g homebrew pitch or 500g brick. Dried Lutra's clean canvas, huge temperature range, high alcohol tolerance and fast finishing speeds means unrivalled flexibility and versatility for nearly any style. For a refreshing pseudo-lager or a huge imperial stout - for any reason you're using a neutral dry yeast, use Dried Lutra and get more, faster.

This strain is perfect for brewing a gluten-free hard seltzer, alcopop, mead, cider, or even a refreshing pseudo-lager!

Dried Lutra is also a Gluten-Free product!

Lutra® Kveik is isolated from Omega Yeast Hornindal Kveik (OYL-091) strain. OYL-071 Lutra® Kveik Omega Yeast is shockingly clean with unrivalled speed when pitched at 32°C (90°F). Ideal for brewing more neutral and refreshing pseudo-lager at its lower temperatures, without the lead time of a traditional lager yeast. Lutra is your worry-free way to navigate the evolving demand for cold ones.

Pack Sizes:

  • 11g Sachet
  • 500g Brick - (SAVE 25% OFF 11g Sachet Price) NEW! talk to us if your a craft brewer or distiller interested in this product at Service@BeerCo.com.au


  • Beers - Lagers and Ales
  • Hard Seltzers
  • Ciders

Strain Type

  • Kveik

Recommended Pitch Rate:

  • 50 – 100 g/hL (60 – 120 g/bbl)


  • Medium-High


  • 75-82%

Temperature Range

  • 20–35° C (68–95° F) 

Alcohol Tolerance

  • 15%

Further Reading and Listening about Kveik Yeast:

Norwegian Kveik Strains

Omega Yeast first became aware of the Norwegian kveik strains via Lars Marius Garshol’s blog where he shared with us not only the history of Norwegian farmhouse brewing but the strains being used to brew traditional Norwegian farmstead beers.

The temperatures they were fermenting at were practically unbelievable — up to, and sometimes exceeding, 100°F! Our thought was that they were either making terrible beer or that these were remarkable strains! After we ran some experiments, we confirmed that these unique strains ferment well at 70°F or 95°F with little difference in ester production.

Additionally, our newly released Hornindal Kveik (OYL-091) produces tropical flavors while our HotHead® (OYL-057) can be used to ferment a cleaner brew. Because of the wide versatility that the Norwegian strains offer, we couldn’t wait to make the strains available to you and now offer three (3) new kveik (“yeast” in Norwegian) strains from the farmsteads of Norway.

Lutra Kveik Helles Pseudo-Lager Recipe

FOR 19 Litres ~US 5 Gallons
OG — 1.048
FG — 1.008
ABV — 5.2%
IBU — 20




  • Lutra® Kveik Dry Yeast (OYL-071) - 1 x 11g Sachet


  1. Bring 2 gallons (7.6 Litres) of water to boiling in a smaller vessel.
  2. In your mash vessel, bring 6 gallons (19 Litres) of water to 54°C, add grain for a target temperature of 52°C, and leave for 15 minutes.
  3. While stirring, add up to 2 gallons of boiling water until reaching target mash temperature of 64°F. Hold mash temp for 75 minutes. Recirculate mash until wort is free from large amounts of grain.
  4. Drain off wort into boil kettle for approximately 27 litres (sparge as needed for a boil gravity of ~1.043). Boil for 90 minutes, adding hops as noted above.
  5. Pitch yeast as directed. For clarity, fine as desired or cold condition beer at 1°C for 1 – 2 weeks.
  6. Though Lutra Kveik has a wide fermentation temperature range, for the cleanest results, we recommend fermenting in the low 20s Celsius.

Note: The initial protein rest is recommended, but can be skipped if necessary. In this case, add 30 litres of water at 65-66°C to grain for a target mash temperature of 64°C and hold for 75 minutes.

Created by Nik Allen, Process Improvement Manager at Omega Yeast with builds and edits by Dermott Dowling at BeerCo.com.au

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