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All maple syrups are not equal.  BeerCo Beer Finishing Pure Maple Syrup is 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup - Food Grade 1.  This Grade A Amber Rich Pure Maple Syrup is the ultimate finishing Maple to use for your Canadian Bourbon Stout, Maple Brown Ales or whatever you choose to brew with this delicious syrup.

We selected this grade as Beer Finishing Syrup due to its lower caramelisation and good maple aroma. This will ensure a smooth sweetness with a maple touch. Maple Syrup is not just for pancakes, its mild taste (when comparing with honey) makes it ideal to add some complexity to a deep and dark and mild tasting beer including Lager styles.

While the difference between authentic maple syrup and the imitation ‘maple-flavoured syrup’ are known to many, the variation in authentic maple syrups is less widely understood.

Maple syrup, of course, is manufactured from the sap of the maple tree. Common to Northern America, and a traditional export of Canada, maple syrup has been used as a sweetener for centuries.

While the process of manufacturing maple syrup requires gradual heating to remove the water content, many available syrups are further reduced to create a thicker, sweeter syrup. This practice destroys much of the subtle flavour characteristics that maple syrup has long been admired for.

Many commercial syrups also contain corn syrup, glucose, flavourings, preservatives or other additives.

BeerCo is proud to stock 100% pure maple syrup, manufactured in Canada by one of the most trusted names in Maple Syrup world-wide.

Our maple syrup is rated at grade 1 (also known as ‘grade A’) on the Canadian classification scale, a grade reserved for the purest, most translucent and subtly complex flavoured syrups.

Pure maple syrup is a wonderful addition to many different beer styles.

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