Shaun | Feb 2022 BeerCo Brewing And Distilling News

Shaun | Feb 2022 BeerCo Brewing And Distilling News

Dermott Dowling

Hop this email finds you well and your Febrewery has started out great! Looks like we need to keep our crash helmets on for 2022. Some serious headwinds we are facing and to all our friends in Craft Brewing and Distilling please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime. We have got your back! There is a lot to share this month. Firstly, for our commercial trade customers I refer you to a blog I just wrote called Chop | Ocean Freight Supply Chain Crisis 2022 It is grim reading and watching but essential for us all to survive and thrive in 2022 and sail through the choppy waters of 2022 into 2023 as much stronger businesses.

In addition to rising ocean freight costs we have already received several price increases from our supply partners related to commodity price movements and inflationary pressures. Whilst, we will always try to contain price rises and minimise the impact on our customers in some cases we are left with no other choice to survive but to pass through these costs. We will notify all our trade customers of cost increases as and when they occur and update our retail and trade pricing online according to the latest landed cost of goods into our warehouse. If you would like our latest trade price list exc GST for our range of Crisp and Malteurop and UniGrain and Bulk Adjuncts please do not hesitate to drop us a line anytime to

Enough with the misery…on with the hoppiness…lots of great news to share here as well.

Just landed into the warehouse last month…

Our latest container of Crisp Malt cleared customs and quarantine and landed into our warehouse at the beginning of Janurary, including an exciting NEW! Small Batch #4 | Toasted Malted Oats | Limited Release and some for your flavourite Crisp Malt and Unmalted Cereals :

Also, checkout Crisp Malt 2022 New Season Malt Technical Guide and checkout the CRISP MALT WEBINAR NO 18: 2021 BARLEY HARVEST AND GRAIN MARKET

NEW! Products in the Shop

We have a heap of exciting NEW! Products available in the shop for you to start 2022 Brewing and Distilling Happy including:

  • AstraPouch® 64 fl. oz. 1.89 Litres Beer Growler Flexible Pouch Packaging for Carbonated Beverages $2.95 for 1 / $124.95 for 50 (SAVE 15%) / $859.95 for 400 (SAVE 27%). AstraPouch®’s flexible Beer Growler Pouch are the glass growler alternatives that fill faster, store smarter, and cost less. Recyclable, Reusable and Reduces your carbon footprint: by 80-85% compared to glass. Buy 1, 50 or 400 NOW!

  • Fermentis by Lesaffre SafCider™ AB‑1 The Right Choice for Balanced Cider $6.95/5g Sachet / $69.95 for 500g Bricks

  • SafCider™ AS‑2 To Bring Sweetness and Complexity to Your Cider $6.95/5g Sachet

  • SafCider™ AC‑4 Ideal to Produce Fresh and Crisp Cider $6.95/5g sachet

  • SafCider™ TF-6 Maximise the Fruitiness of Your Cider $6.95/5g sachet

  • The Hops List - Second Edition $39.95 The Hops List is the largest collection of hops information ever compiled. With it you will have access to variety descriptions, analytical data, tasting notes, substitutes, style suggestions and lots more on a staggering 339 unique varieties.

  • Shaun - XPA - BeerCo All Grain Brewers Recipe Kit

    $49.95-$54.95 Un/Milled Malt and Dry/Liquid Yeast options available. Shaun is not your average Aussie bloke! If he's not busy rousing horses at Luna Farm or keeping us safe from harm during his day job, he's busy doing his bit for the community like organising the Dubbo Show | Homebrew Competition so when Shaun reached out to us and said can you guys whip up a Brewers Kit for entries into the show well the answer was a super loud Yeah! Mate! No worries! A mouth watering lip smacking XPA with a few malts a couple of hops and a reliable yeast to get the job done. Pourfect for a hard day of herding sheep, cattle, horses, crops and craftwork. Go Dubbo Show entrants! Brew Happy! Comp Happy! always

  • Mary | London Dry Gin Distillers Kit

    $54.95 inc GST

    Mary of Orange, the daughter of King Charles I married a Dutchman in 1641. Since genever, the forerunner of gin originally comes from the Netherlands, her marriage helped her popularize the drink in England. After Mary died, the British made it legal for anyone to distill their own gin, which directly led to something we now call “the gin craze”. Mary is our take on a classic London Dry Gin. Juniper forward with classic botanicals and no artificial flavours or ingredients. Give it a try and tell us what you think after you drink and toast Queen Mary of Orange! Lady Genever!

  • Botanicals

BeerCo Marketplace is building…send us your thoughts, ideas and feedback

As you will have read and seen from our blog Chop | Ocean Freight Supply Chain Crisis 2022 2022 is throwing even more challenges at all of us especially in the supply chain space with costs skyrocketing for air and ocean and road freight.

We are actively talking to and looking for local supply partners with stock in their Australian warehouses ready to sell to our Craft Brewers and Distillers. We can take care of the payment and order to delivery and freight. If you have quality products our customers need we would like to know. Likewise if you are a Craft Brewer or Craft Distiller chasing something, we would like to know. Drop us a line and send us your feedback to and checkout our soon to be built BeerCo Marketplace. Our Search is Your Satisfaction! Anything we can do to help suppliers meet buyers and exchange your goods more effectively and efficiently is a win for all of us.

Hop you have enjoyed a healthy, safe, strong and positive start to 2022! Keep safe and stay strong and healthy and have a great Brewing and Distilling month of Febrewery. As always we are always here for a chat about anything!

cheers #brewhappy always #distilhappy always

Dermott Dowling Managing Director, BeerCo Pty Ltd

Phone: +61 490 501 392
Warehouse Address: Unit 1 / 1-3 Disney Avenue, Keilor East, VIC 3033
NEW! Products Your Orders Ship within 24 Hours!

Crisp Toasted Malted Oats | Small Batch #4 | Limited Release

Crisp Toasted Malted Oats | Small Batch #4 | Limited Release

$5.95/Kg $23.80/5Kg$89.95/25Kg


Flapjack, Roasted Hazelnuts
Strata® X-331 US Hops

Strata® X-331 US Hops

A$10.95/100g$383.25/5Kg (-30%)


Dank, Herbal, Cannabis, Grapefruit, Strawberry, Passionfruit
SafCider™ AB‑1 Fermentis by Lesaffre

SafCider™ AB‑1 Fermentis by Lesaffre

$6.95/5g $69.95/500g


The Right Choice for Balanced Cider
Shaun - XPA - BeerCo All Grain Brewers Recipe Kit

Shaun - XPA - BeerCo All Grain Brewers Recipe Kit



Clean, Refreshing and Fruity
Mary | London Dry Gin Distillers Recipe Kit

Mary | London Dry Gin Distillers Recipe Kit



Juniper forward dry citrusy London Dry Gin!
Astrapouch® 64 fl. oz. 1.89 Litres Beer Growler

Astrapouch® 64 fl. oz. 1.89 Litres Beer Growler

$2.95/1 $124.95/50 $859.95/400


Flexible Packaging for Carbonated Beverages
Coriander Seeds | Coriandum Sativum

Coriander Seeds | Coriandum Sativum

$4.95/100g $24.95/1Kg SAVE 50%


Puts light citrus notes into Gin