Brexit - English Bitter Ale - Homebrew Recipe

Brexit - English Bitter Ale - Homebrew Recipe

Dermott Dowling
England's Bitter - she wants out of the EU and we all love a bitter british ale so why not brew something quintessentially british old boy like an English Bitter Ale to celebrate the Russian mayor of London, Boris calling on his fellow Brit's to dessert the Eurozone and once again reign supreme as Great Britain and not little England.  To add a subtle twist to the empire we have used new world malts from Gladfield Malt NZ and some home grown AU East Kent Goldings at flame-out in a hearty healthy dose to the kettle old chap! Cheers - let's raise a glass to the Queen and Country and not discuss Race & Religion or Politics lest we be uncivilised old boy.  Break out the Bitter!


Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)

designed by: Dermott Dowling on 2 April 2016

Style Guidelines:

  •  A pale, bitter, medium-bodied Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale).


  • 1.059 OG
    1.013 FG
    40 IBU
    11 SRM
    6.0% ABV



Amount           Hop                                 Time        Use  Form  AA

  • 30 gm       Fuggle (UK)                        60 min   Boil    Pellet  4.2%
  • 20 gm       East Kent Golding (UK)   60 min    Boil    Pellet  5.7%
  • 5 gm          Magnum (US)                   60 min    Boil    Pellet  11.1% (and now the American's want to join the British Tea Party! Brrr!)
  • 10 gm        East Kent Golding (UK)   15 min     Boil    Pellet  5.7%
  • 20 gm       Fuggle (UK)                         5 min     Boil    Pellet  4.2%
  • 200 gm    East Kent Golding (UK)     0 min    Boil    Leaf    2.0%
EKG 2yr Old BineBrexit Whole Cone EKGs  
  • 40 gm      Fuggle (UK) 2g/L              3 days    Secondary  Pellets 4.2% (Dry Hop)

  • 30 gm       East Kent Goldings (UK) 1.5g/L 3 days Secondary Pellets 4.2% (Dry Hop)

Brexit Dry Hop


Type                    Amount (g)    Use Time

  • Irish Moss            5               Boil  10 mins
  • Yeast Nutrient     5               Boil  10 mins


Name Amount (tsp)

  • Calcium Sulfate 1
  • Calcium Chloride 1


  • Type Single Step Infusion Mash
  • Temp 66.7 (C)
  • Time Style 90 Infusion


  • 60 minutes boil


       Name                    Expected AA% Range Temp (C)    Pitch Temp (C)


  • Normal Ale Fermentation
  • Cool to 20 C and keep temperature consistent for 7 Days
  • After primary fermentation dry hop for 72 hours with 2g / L of Fuggles and 1.5g/L of EK Goldings UK Hops.
  • Rack-off, condition and bottle or keg as per your normal bottling or kegging regime.
  • Leave for 4-6 weeks to condition and enjoy - cheers chaps!