Takaka Pale Ale - Homebrew Recipe

Takaka Pale Ale - Homebrew Recipe

Dermott DowlingMay 2, '16

Brewer & Author:

Russell Smits Russell Smits (previous recipes kindly shared by Russell include El Humo Smokey Chilli Steam Beer) This recipe started out as an American Pale Ale, with all the ingredients being sourced from New Zealand. The hops initially were all from the Takaka region of NZ, but after some tweaks, and additions a few foreigners were introduced…. The aim was for a simple malt profile to allow the hops to shine through. The Idaho #7 hops were an experiment ended up on my brewing desk (cheers BeerCo) that I thought might add a nice fruity finish that would compliment the Nelson Sauvin.

Vital Stats:

  • Batch Size 19 L
  • Boil Time 60 min
  • Efficiency 65.00%
  • OG 1.052
  • FG 1.011
  • IBU 40.5
  • ABV 5.6
  • SRM 33.6

Gladfield Malt Bill

%       KG   MALT          100%  4.90 Kg


  • grams    Variant                     Time



  • 16g       NZ Riwaka                   5 mins
  • 8g         Nelson Sauvin             5 mins
  • 30g       Idaho #7                      Dry hop 3 days after yeast off
          62g Total Hops



  1. Mash - the brewer should do normal mash regime, mashing at 66 C for at least 65 mins
  2. Sparge - once again the brewer should do normal regime at around 76C
  3. Boil - vigorous boil for 60 mins
  4. Hops: Add 8g of Chinook @60 mins, 16g of Riwaka @5mins and 8g of Nelson Sauvin @ 5mins.
  5. Yeast & Fermentation - Aerate well and ferment at 16C until FG is reached
  6. Yeast off and dry hop 30g of (Crosby Hops) Idaho #7 for 3 days
  7. Mature for 10 days before carbonating.