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Milled: Yes
Yeast: Dry

Kevin is the man credited with creating the newest wave of IPA from his lager-centric brewery Wayfinder in Portland, Oregon.  Cold IPA or India Pale Lager is an IPA brewed with a lager yeast and a simple clean malt bill with a high percentage of adjunct.  When Lallemand Brewing launched NovaLager Yeast we thought this might be a great style to showcase some NEW! US and AU Hops and of course the NEW! Lallemand NovaLager Yeast.

“Cold IPA is a canvas for IPA hops,” Kevin Davey says and we say if you love Hops you will love Kevin | Cold IPA.

Give Kevin | Cold IPA a "review after you brew happy" and make sure you #brewhappy and #drinkhappier and always responsibly! on with the show!

Brewing Software Recipe Links:

an American Style India Pale Lager recipe written by Richard Chamberlin (Lallemand Brewing) Dermott Dowling ( (Apr 2023)

Vital Stats:

  • 1.062 OG
  • 1.014 FG
  • 61 IBU
  • 8.1 EBC
  • 6.3% ABV
  • 0.97 Balance BU/GU
  • 23 litre brew length
  • 60 minute boil
  • Single Infusion Mash - 72% Efficiency Mash Efficiency 75%








20g Talus™ HBC 692 US Hops 8.4% 60 mins Boil
20g Eclipse® AU Hops 17.5% 20 mins Boil
20g Talus™ HBC 692 US Hops 8.4% 20 mins Boil
20g Eclipse® AU Hops 17.5% 20 mins Whirlpool @82C
20g Talus™ HBC 692 US Hops 8.4% 20 mins Whirlpool @82C
60g Eclipse® AU Hops 17.5% 3 days Dry Hop @ Day 5
40g Talus™ HBC 692 US Hops 8.4% 3 days Dry Hop @ Day 5


    Dry | Lallemand Brewing Yeast

    LalBrew® NovaLager Yeast (Dry) 2 x 11.5g packets 

    Liquid | Bluestone Yeast

    BSY-L006 Stuttgart Bluestone Yeast - 1 x Pitch or


    1. Mash – the brewer should do their normal infusion mash at 67° C for 60 mins and check with an iodine test conversion is complete.
    2. Raise the temperature to 78° C and mash out for 10 minutes before volaufing Fly Sparge with hot liquor at 78° C to collect approximately 25 L of wort into the kettle for a vigorous boil 60-90 minutes, adding 1st hops addition at 60 minutes from end of boil.
    3. Second hops additions at 20 minutes from end of boil along with a tablet of Deltafloc and any Yeast Nutrients (optional extras) to aid wort clarification and fermentation.
    4. Whirlpool Hops: Chill to 82° C and add 20g of each hop Eclipse and Talus and whirlpool at a constant temperature of 82° C for 20 minutes before further chilling down to fermentation temperature of 16-18° C.
    5. Pitch Yeast & Fermentation – Aerate well and ferment at 16-18°C taking note to observe when High Krausen or vigourous primary feremtnation is complete. 
    6. Yeast off and add the dry hop additions of 60g each of Eclipse and 40g of Talus for 3-5 days until terminal gravity is reached (2 days of consistent hydrometer readings). [Note: Optional - Double Dry Hop - You may wish or choose to split the dry hop additions into half and double dry hop for 3 days then again for a further 3 days = 6 days double dry hop additions].
    7. Raise temperature during the Dry Hop to upper limit of 18° C to maximise hop aroma and clean up any Diacetyl (unlikely to be present due to warmer ferment).
    8. Once fermentation is complete, Crash chill as close to 1°C and hold until all the hops and haze have cleared.
    9. Keg and Bottle as per normal. Carbonate the beer to 2.5 volumes (5 g/L)
    10. Mature for 10-14 days in bottle or Keg before consumption.

    Sauces of Brewspiration and further reading and listening on Cold IPA: