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Milled: Yes
Yeast: Dry

Starling Murmurations delight us at sunset with their graceful swirls, twists, and turns across the big blue. In 1863, Starlings from England found a new home Down Under, and continued to create mesmerizing murmurations to protect the flock from predators prior to roosting. Without a conductor, these feathered friends communicate with up to 6 of their closest flockmates, creating an astonishing aerial show without any collision. And so that's why we thought Murmuration was the perfect name for our big, juicy, double NEIPA.  Together, malt, hops, and yeast combine in the ultimate symphony. Brew one and pour a glass at the end of your work day and sip, savour and enjoy responsibly as you witness the aerial symphony in the skies at sunset. What a way to beautiful way to end the day!

Cheers, we will drink and enjoy responsibly to that! #brewhazy #brewhappy

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Vital Stats:

Batch & Boil
  • Batch Size: 23 Litres
  • Boil Time: 60 mins


  • OG 1.073
  • FG 1.017
  • IBU 40
  • ABV 7.4%
  • Colour 13.6 EBC
  • Balance - 0.54 BU/GU Bitterness Ratio





% Grist

5.70 Kg Malteurop Australia Pilsen Malt 4.2 EBC 75%
0.75 Kg Gladfield Golden Oat Malt 30 EBC 10%
0.75 Kg UniGrain Rolled Wheat 3.9 EBC 10%
0.40 Kg Gladfield Gladiator Malt 7.5 EBC 5%
7.60 Kg Total 13.6 EBC 100%








40g Cashmere 7.8% Boil 60 mins 28.3
20g Mosaic 12.2% First Hopstand @ 80°C 20 mins 3
20g Nectaron 10.8% First Hopstand @ 80°C 20 mins 2.7
20g Mosaic 12.2% Second Hopstand @ 80°C 20 mins 3
20g Nectaron 10.8% Second Hopstand @ 80°C 20 mins 2.7
30g Cashmere 7.8% First Dry Hop at 3 Days 3 days
30g Mosaic 12.2% First Dry Hop at 3 Days 3 days
30g Nectaron 10.8% First Dry Hop at 3 Days 3 days
30g Cashmere 7.8% Second Dry Hop at 6 Days 3 days
30g Mosaic 12.2% Second Dry Hop at 6 Days 3 days
30g Nectaron 10.8% Second Dry Hop at 6 Days 3 days


Dry | Lallemand Brewing

Liquid | Bluestone Yeast


    1. Mill the grains and dough-in targeting a mash of around 3 Litres of water to 1 Kg of grain (a liquor-to-grist ratio of about 3:1 by weight approx. 24 Litres allowing 1-2 litres for your false bottom) and a temperature of 65 °C.
    2. Hold the mash at 65 °C until enzymatic conversion is complete.
    3. Infuse the mash with near boiling water while stirring or with a recirculating mash system raise the temperature to mash out at 76 °C (168 °F). Mash out for 10 minutes.
    4. Fly sparge slowly with 12 Litres of 77 °C (170 °F ) water, collecting wort until the pre-boil kettle volume is around 28.5 L (6.5 gallons).
    5. The total boil time will be 60 minutes. Do not add Deltafloc or Irish Moss.
    6. At 60 minutes from end of Boil add 40g of Cashmere for bittering purposes.
    7. At flameout, cool wort to 80°C to avoid volatizing hop oils. Set timers for 40 mins and add first hop stand addition (20g each of Mosaic and Nectaron hops).
    8. After 20 mins add the second hop stand additions (20g each of Mosaic and Nectaron hops).
    9. After the total hop stand of 40 minutes, chill wort to 19°C (67 °F ), decant starter or open Liquid Pitch and pitch Yeast and aerate.
    10. Over the course of the two-week fermentation, ramp the temperature up to 23°C (73 °F ) to ensure full attenuation.
    11. On approximately Day 3 of fermentation when attenuation has reached over 2/3 of fermentation, add the first dry hop addition (30g of each hop - Cashmere, Mosaic and Nectaron)
    12. Wait 3 days, then remove (or leave) the first dry hop addition and add the second addition of dry hops and dry hop for another 3 days (30g of each hop - Cashmere, Mosaic and Nectaron).
    13. When finished, carbonate the beer to approximately 2.5 volumes (5 g/L) of CO2 (or add 125g of table sugar or 180g of Light Dried Malt Extract if bottling) and drink fresh. Prost!

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