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Milled: Yes
Yeast: Dry

Taya is a Big, Bold and Strong Baltic Porter!  Baltic Porters are a style that has endured as a smooth, cold-fermented and cold-lagered beer brewed with lager yeast.  Baltic Porter was born out of the 1800s British Porter Brewers exporting strong Russian Imperial Stouts to the Baltic States.  When Lager brewing came to the fore brewers in the Baltics and the UK decided to do away with the Ale Yeast for this style opting for a cold lager fermentation.  This style exhibits complex malt character that is reminiscent of dried fruit flavours. On the nose, it can carry a rich malty sweetness which has notes of caramel, toffee and also dried fruits such as raisins, plums, prunes and cherries. 

Cheers! За здоровье! [za zda-ró-vye] To Your Health! #brewhappy #enjoyresponsibly

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Vital Stats:

  • Batch Size: 23 Litres / 6 US Gallons
  • Boil Time: 60 mins
  • OG 1.075 FG 1.012
  • IBU 36 ABV 8.3% Colour 88 EBC


Amt            Name                                        Colour       % Grist

2.50 Kg           Joe White Dark Munich Malt                 19   EBC        32%

2.00 Kg           Malteurop Pilsen Malt                            4.2  EBC        26%

2.00 Kg           Joe White Vienna Malt                           6.4  EBC        26%

0.40 Kg           Gladfield Aurora Malt                             35  EBC           5%

0.40 Kg           Gladfield Redback Malt                          69  EBC           5%

0.30 Kg          Joe White Dark Roasted Malt               1320 EBC           4%

0.20 Kg          Joe White Roasted Wheat Malt             1440 EBC          3%

7.80 Kg TOTAL                                                              105    EBC        100%



Dry | Lallemand

Liquid | Bluestone Yeast

    Water Adjustments (Optional):

    We recommend you go for a Dark Lager Water profile.  So long as mash acidity is in the range pH 5.2–5.5, you have nothing to worry about. Our calculations are predicting a mash pH of 5.51 on Brewfather app.

    Target Water Profile: Dark Lager

    Calcium: 73ppm Magnesium: 13ppm Sodium: 52ppm Chloride: 80ppm Sulphate: 125ppm Bicarbonate: 129ppm 


    1. Mill the Grains and Mash In - Dough in your normal mash regime (say 3 Litres of Mash Water to 1 Kg of Grain or approx. 27 Litres of water) heat to 65C and hold for 60min.
    2. Raise the temperature to mash out at 76C for 10 minutes.
    3. Sparge slowly - with approx. 8 litres of 76C water, collecting wort until the pre-boil volume is around 28 L 
    4. Boil - vigorous boil for 60 mins.
    5. Add the bittering hop addition at the start of boil and the following hop additions at:
      1. 40 gm Northern Brewer GR Hops - Alpha: 8.2% - 60 minutes from end of boil
      2. 25 gm Northern Brewer GR Hops - Alpha: 8.2% - 10 minutes from end of boil
    6. ADDITIONAL EXTRA: Add yeast nutrient and a tab of Deltafloc or 1 tsp of Irish Moss (or other Kettle finings).
    7. After the Boil, chill the wort rapidly to as close as possible to 10 °C, let the break material settle, rack to the fermenter and aerate thoroughly.
    8. Add Yeast (if using Liquid Bluestone Yeast prepare a starter first).  Once you see activity in the air lock (about 36 hours), increase by 0.5°C per day for 10 days. There should be a slow, steady march upward to consume all of the available sugars in a responsible, flavour-neutral way and avoid by-products and off-flavours.
    9. On what should now be day 12, go ahead and set your temperature to 16°C and ignore this thing for at least an additional 2 weeks. Do not worry about autolysis or anything else, just leave it be.
    10. After this point, you can go ahead and package.  If you are bottle conditioning, give it about 3–4 weeks at room temperature before cold conditioning. Crash the beer to 2 °C for 48 hours and then bottle or keg the beer and carbonate to approximately 2.4 volumes of CO2.