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Yeast: Dry

Two heads are better than one and here we are trying to put our heads together to come up with a cracking recipe for you to clone your own at home for America's favourite Craft Beer of 2017 as voted by Zymurgy's 15th Annual Reader Survey - Bell's Two Hearted Ale  This beer is so simple in its structure its brilliant and it must be to knock Pliny the Elder off its throne after eight straight years of Russian River Brewing Company’s double IPA Pliny the Elder dominating the top spot!  Enough with the dribble...on with the show....Bells Two Hearted Ale is one of the defining American-style India Pale Ales. This beer is bursting with aromas ranging from pine resins to grapefruit notes from the use of 100% Centennial hops.


Vital Stats:

  • Batch Size: 19L (5 US Gallon)
  • Efficiency: 70% Bitterness: 62 IBU Colour: 5-10  SRM
  • Original Gravity Target: 1.065 Final Gravity: 1.011 Alcohol: 7.0% ABV




Dry| Lallemand Yeast


Liquid | Bluestone Yeast


    Approximate Kalamazoo city water report (for reference):

    Brewing Guidance:

    1. Use 16 litres carbon filtered Strike water, adjusted with 4 grams gypsum. Pre-heat STRIKE WATER 16 litres at 73°C. Then mix the STRIKE WATER and crushed grains together in your mash tun.
    2. Single Infusion Mash @65.6°C for 45 minutes until conversion is complete (iodine test) then ramp up to 77°C over 15 minutes, perform a mash rest for 10 minutes at 77°C and Vorlauf until the wort runs clear.
    3. Fly sparge with approx. 17 Litres of Sparge Water heated to 77°C until you have 6.5 gallons or 25 Litres into the Kettle.
    4. Boil vigorously for approx. 60 minutes, hopping at indicated times above from end of boil.  35 g Centennial T90 US Hop Pellets 8.8% a.a. @45 mins and 35 g Centennial T90 US Hop Pellets 8.8% a.a. @30 mins
    5. Whirlpool and allow to settle for 15 minutes.
    6. Chill wort to 18-22°C.  Aerate wort and pitch Yeast.
    7. Ferment warm (ale temperature 20-22°C.
    8. Dry Hop: Around day 5 of fermentation, it’s time to add the dry hopping (100g of Centennial). You can choose to dry hop directly into the fermenter or use a siphon to gently transfer the beer to a secondary fermenter.  You can also choose to do a large Single Dry Hop or a Double (DDH) or Triple Dry Hop (TDH) splitting the hops and hopping on consecutive days.
    9. Allow beer to stay warm with hops for 6 days (3 days if you are in a hurry).  Bells Two Hearted has a traditional heavy long dry hop!
    10. Rack beer, crash cool, and cold age for a week.
    11. Prime with sugar and bottle or keg and carbonate to your preferred volume of C02 for a hoppy Pale Ale!

    Prost! Enjoy and raise a glass to simplicity in brewing and the wonder that a few quality ingredients can bring to you beer and brewing expertise. cheers #brewhappy always :-)

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