Karla | Oct 2023 BeerCo Brewing and Distilling News

Karla | Oct 2023 BeerCo Brewing and Distilling News

Dermott DowlingOct 24, '23

I'm finally dandy with the me inside

Hey there Brewers & Distillers 

Hop you are finally dandy with the you inside, having a great start to summer and enjoying some candy with your pork and beans. We are keeping busy serving you up some brewing and distilling supplies and we have some really exciting NEW! products to share with you'll this month so without future ado, here's the news...

We have so much NEWS! we better get right on it!

How to Make 1,000 Litres of Molasses Rum Wash the Easy Way! for all you Craft Distillers out there who want to get your Rum on!

Vlavours | Vacuum Distillates check out our latest flavour innovation for you! These true to type vacuum distillates with blow your mind in terms of flavour - avaiable in 200g, 1Kg, 4Kg and 10Kg pack sizes please do not hesitate to reach out if you need a sample

Are you thinking of making an RTD this summer? Want to put some extra zing in your Sour, IPA or XPA - Grab some Vlavour NOW!

Cucumber | Vlavour™ | Cucumis sativus - Mild, lightly sweet, crisp, cool and refreshing with a subtle savoury earthy note.

Grapefruit | Vlavour™ | Citrus x paradisi - Strong citrus characters with lifted floral overtones.

Mandarin | Vlavour™ | Citrus reticulata - Strong citrus characters along with floral vanilla and spice.

Bushfood Farms | Australian Botanicals are here in the BeerCo.com.au B2B marketplace - check out the products - contact the suppliers and talk to us if your interested in a distinctively native twist to your craft beer, spirits or ready to drink beverages.

NEW! Equipment

Grainfather | G30 Perforated Basket & Rolled Plate $244.95 Redesigned perforated grain basket for the G30 Brewing System which removes the need for a top plate and additional pipework

NEW! Brewers Recipe Kit

Karla | Cerveza | BeerCo All Grain Brewers Recipe Kit

$49.95 un/milled dry yeast $54.95 un/milled liquid yeast

¿Qué estás haciendo? ¡Excelente! ¿Una cerveza por favor? ¡Sí! Karla es perfecta para tardes y noches. Una sabrosa cerveza mexicana fácil para beber, hecha con cebada australiana, maíz neozelandés e lúpulos Motueka para un toque de lima mojito característico. Bebe sin mezclar o con una rodaja de limón o lima. Lo que prefieras. ¡Solo no espera que esta dure mucho en la cervecera este verano! ¡Desde el lugar donde preferirías estar! ¡Otra ronda de cervezas! ¡Disfruta responsablemente todos los dí

That's Spanish for a really tasty lager! Buy One NOW!

NEW! Mead Recipe Kit

Marie-Laure | Blueberry Vanilla Bochet | Mead Recipe Kit

$69.95 5 Litres Batch $89.95 10 Litres Batch

Marie-Laure adored going berry picking in the forests that surrounded her family's farm in the South of France. She always found the juiciest blueberries by the mountain streams. There are countless ways to enjoy blueberries, but Marie-Laure had her own special recipe. She crafted a Blueberry & Vanilla Bochet, a traditional mead-style that has been around since the 13th century and is made with caramelized honey and spices. This delightful Blueberry Vanilla Bochet will quickly become your favourite too! So, what are you waiting for? Vive Le France and Marie-Laure!

Last but not least, congratulations to Craig Dunbar who took out Gold and Bronze in the NSW State Competition Pale Lager category sponsored by BeerCo for his German Pils and Munich Helles respectively. Congratulations to Shane Brazier as well, for his Silver medal with his Czech Premium Pale Lager.

Good luck to all the entrants in the upcoming National Amateur Homebrew Competition proudly sponorsed and supported by your buddies at BeerCo.com.au You can keep up with the play and competitions we support over on our Events Blog

That's enough from me for now! There's beer to brewed and enjoyed responsibly and craft spirits to be distilled safely!

cheers #brewhappy #distilsafely always

Dermott Dowling

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Vlavours | Vacuum Distillates

NEW! Vlavours | Vacuum Distillates

Create a closer to true taste flavour with Vlavour

Buy Some NOW!
Karla | Cerveza

¿Una cerveza por favor? ¡Sí! Karla es perfecta para tardes y noches.

Pourfecto for Arvo!

Marie-Laure | Blueberry Vanilla Bochet | Mead Recipe Kit

Buy this Delicious Mead Kit today!

Vive Le France and Marie-Laure!
Marie-Laure | Blueberry Vanilla Bochet

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