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Back in the day, if you wanted to take it easy well you kicked back and relaxed with a Root Beer brewed with sticks and leaves and stuff in a big old pot on the stove by the local landlord down at your favourite tavern.  During the heat of the midday sun, in between rustling and hustling, you might saddle your horse up outside and bust through those Saloon doors and ask for a Root Beer.  Well, you had things to be doin later that day and it was too darn early for a whisky, so why not have a crack at brewing your own Dr Feelgood | Hard or Soft (You decide) | Root Beer just the way you like it. 

Take it easy out there Dude...cause we know you will.

cheers #brewhappy always #enjoyresponsibly always

Vital Stats:

Batch Size: 19 Litres
Boil Time: 0-5 mins

OG 1.041
FG 1.011
ABV 3.90%





  1. Place all the Botanicals in a 4 litres of water and gently bring to a boil.  No need to give the botanicals a long and vigorous boil as some people find that can bring out the harsh tannins of the roots.
  2. Once brought to the boil allow the mixture to cool gradually giving time for the hot water to draw out all the Botanicals flavour.
  3. Pour the Honey and Sugar into a clean, well rinsed, and sanitised fermenter.  You may need to boil the kettle and use hot water to help draw out the last of the honey and from the packages.  Add some hot water into the fermenter and give it all a gentle stir to dissolve the honey and sugar into the water with a clean and well sterilised brewing spoon.
  4. Pour the contents of the botanicals through a cheesecloth or double sieve into the fermenter and again stir and dissolve before topping up with clean potable water to 19 Litres.  If you want a soft Root Beer, you stop here and keg and carbonate.  If you want a Hard Root Beer continue with fermentation.
  5. Pitch Lallemand EC-1118 Yeast and Mangrove Jacks Yeast Nutrient - Cider and keep warm and well insulated and allow a good 7-10 days to fully ferment.  Check for two days of consistent low final gravity readings before proceeding to bottling or kegging.
  6. After 10 days, cool to near freezing to drop out as much yeast you can. Transfer the clear finished beer into an empty corny keg and add in baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) or citric acid to taste.  Baking soda or citric acid will sharpen the taste if you like a tarter like soft drink taste to your Hard Root Beer.
  7. Bottling: if you want to bottle your Hard Root Beer you can prime with 1/2 tsp sugar per small bottle and 1 tsp per tall bottle (quart / 750mL).  Leave for 1-2 weeks check carbonation then store cold preferably in the fridge.
  8. Kegging Back sweeten Option: You may want to knock out the yeast or suspend fermentation by adding some Potassium Sorbate (2 and 1/2 tsp) and (Sodium Metabisulphate (1/4 tsp) or 2 x Campden Tablets.)  This will assist to arrest fermentation or stop further fermentation.  Note: it will not stop active live yeast that are still alive.
  9. Finally, if you want to back sweeten now is the time to add some liquid sugar or lactose (dissolved in 500mL of boiling water) to back sweeten.  Start with a smaller amount as you can always add more.  Say 250g of Sugar or Lactose to 500mL of Water.  Mix all this very well or the dense sugar syrup will drop to the bottom and make for an awkward first pint.  Taste, add more sugar or lactose if you want more sweetness.  Once desired sweetness is achieved seal and keg.
  10. Note: if you are bottling you cannot do back sweetening as it will ferment unless you are truly sure you have killed all the yeast in which case you will not get refermentation in the bottle so it will be a flat hard root beer. Up to you!
  11. This beer likes to be well carbonated — try 2.4-2.7 volumes of C02 — and will stay good for quite a while in a kegerator.  Additions of Potassium Sorbate and Sodium or Potassium Metabisulphate or Campden Tablets will also act as a mild preservative and increase shelf life in the keg!

    Let us know how you go with Dr Feelgood | Hard Root Beer.  We are always open to your feedback and continually looking to improve the ease and likeability of our Recipe Kits.  Drop us a line anytime to feedback@beerco.com.au and give the product a review after you brew happy and enjoy responsibly!  Take it easy Dude, cause we know you will!

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