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Milled: Yes
Yeast: Dry

Gordon | Mocha Porter is a rich bold Colombian Coffee and Coffee Infused Chocolate American Porter.  Who doesn't love Coffee? Who doesn't love Chocolate? What better combination to keep you warm and wired up this winter.  With a British Yeast to pair the esters with the rich malts and coffee and chocolate you will find Gordon is just the tonic you need to survive a cool winter or warm up anytime of the brewing year!

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Vital Stats:

Batch & Boil

  • Batch Size: 19 Litres / 5 US Gallons
  • Boil Time: 90 mins


  • OG 1.063
  • FG 1.017
  • IBU 33
  • ABV 6.1%
  • Colour 60 EBC


Amt     Name                                         Colour       % Grist

4.00 Kg   Malteurop Pilsen Malt                             3.8     EBC        75%

0.45 Kg   Crisp Medium Crystal 240 Malt              270     EBC          9%

0.25 Kg   Crisp Low Colour Chocolate Malt            450    EBC          5%

0.12 Kg   Crisp Black Malt                                     1375    EBC           2%

4.82 Kg  TOTAL                                                          60    EBC      100%


0.50 Kg  Lactose (Milk Sugar) add 30 minutes from end of boil.

200 g Roasted Colombian Coffee Beans (from your favourite local coffee roaster)

120 g Coffee Infused Dark Chocolate (from your favourite artisan chocolate maker or Extra Dark Cocoa Chocolate will suffice).



    Liquid | Bluestone Yeast

        Dry | Lallemand

        Water Adjustments (Optional):


        1. Mill the Grains and Mash In - Dough in your normal mash regime (say 3 Litres of Mash Water to 1 Kg of Grain or approx. 14 Litres of water at 73C), for a single infusion 60 minutes mash at 67 C.  Vorlauf until your runnings are clear.
        2. Mash Out - Raise the temperature to mash out at 76C (168F) for 10 minutes.
        3. Sparge slowly - with 15 litres of 76C (169F) water, collecting wort until the pre-boil volume is around 23 L (6 US gal)
        4. Boil - vigorous boil for 90 mins adding Chocolate at the start of the boil and hops and lactose according to the ingredients list above.  Remove the beer from the heat when stirring in the lactose.
        5. Add the bittering hop addition with 60 minutes remaining from end of boil and the following hop additions at times indicated on the ingredients list.
        6. 15 minutes from end of boil: Add 2nd hop addition of Willamette, any yeast nutrient and a tab of Deltafloc or 1 tsp of Irish Moss (or other Kettle finings).
        7. Add third and final hop addition at flameout 5 minutes from end of boil.
        8. After the Boil, chill the wort rapidly to 18 °C (65 °F), let the break material settle, rack to the fermenter and aerate thoroughly.
        9. Begin fermentation at 20 °C (68 °F) for 7 days then raise temperature to 21 °C (70 °F ) for 72 hours.
        10. Add the Coffee Beans and age for 5 -7 days or to taste.
        11. Crash the beer to 2 °C (35 °F) for 48 hours and then bottle or keg the beer and carbonate to approximately 2.5 volumes of CO2.

        Food pairing and Glass Match (Snifter or Pint glass)

        • Dark Chocolate Cake or Brownies
        • Rich Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream (Bulla)

          Sauces of Brewspiration and further reading: