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Title: Milled

Rye whiskey, rye whiskey please don't let me down. I'm gonna take me a drink then I'll roam around. Check on my stills and see if they're okay. Rye whiskey, rye whiskey please last all day. I don't want to run out of my rye today. I won't have no more or that's what they say. Rye whiskey, rye whiskey please don't let me down. I've got to go make another round.

Jim Tom | Moonshiners

    Rye Whiskey is catching on in popularity today and has a long history.  Where American bourbons tend to be sweeter and smokier with hints of caramel, rye whiskey is spicier, including notes of pepper, grass, and grain.  Here we are pulling together a dark rye whiskey recipe that will be made up with a majority of Crisp Malted Rye and a generous helping of Crisp Chocolate Malt and Crisp Premium Pot Distillers Malt.  Using malted barley as opposed to corn or maize to top up the grain bill produces exceptionally smooth rye whiskey with chocolate, coffee and spice instead of green notes common in most commercial American Style Rye Whiskeys out there.  Be like George Washington and embrace Rye Whiskey - as Jim Tom sings - she won't let you down!

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    Vital Stats:

    • Fermentation Batch Sizes: 25 Litres / 6.6 US Gallons
    • 7.2% ABV Wash or Distillers Beer
    • OG: 1.068 FG: 1.013
    • Mash Efficiency: 78%
    • EBC 85
    • Boil Time: 0 mins





    Water Adjustments (Optional: the accepted pH range for mashing is 5.2–5.8, with 5.4 considered the optimum.):


    1. Mill the grains and dough-in targeting a mash of around 3 Litres of water to 1 Kg of grain (a liquor-to-grist ratio of about 3:1 by weight or around 20 Litres) Optional aid: add 2 ml of Benzyme VF - Viscosity Fermentation Enzyme Blend
    2. Heat to perform a single infusion temperature of 60-65°C and hold for 30-60 minutes.  The longer the better to aid conversion.
    3. Test the pH of your wash. The accepted pH range for mashing is 5.2–5.8, with 5.4 considered the optimum. Use citric acid to bring the pH down and calcium carbonate to bring it up.
    4. Optional Aid: Add 2ml of Benzyme AA - Alpha Amylase heat to 85-95°C and hold for 60-120 minutes.  Perform an iodine mash test to confirm the mash is starch negative, i.e. that all starch has been converted to dextrin. Here is a video to watch on how to perform an Iodine Mash Test. How to Brew Like a Pro - Iodine Mash Conversion Test
    5. Optional Sparge: If fermentation off the grain cool to 76 °C and Sparge slowly with approx. 10 Litres of 76 °C water, collecting wort until the pre-fermenter volume is around 25 L.
    6. Fermentation on Grain (recommended for higher yields) - if fermentation on Grain, cool to 32 °C and pitch the Yeast.  To avoid a build-up of glucose, dosing 9ml of Benzyme GA - Glucoamylase over the first 12-24 hours of the fermentation can be an advantage.
    7. Fermentation off the Grain - if fermentation off the grain strain wort from solids and cool to 55°C and add 9ml of Benzyme GA - Glucoamylase and hold at 55°C for 60-90 minutes.  Then separate the solids and cool the wort to fermentation temperature, 32 °C and pitch the Yeast.
    8. Pitch the Yeast - sprinkle on top of the wash.
    9. Allow to ferment in the temperature range 20-35C.  A cooler fermentation will produce less esters and take longer to ferment for an arguably cleaner more pure flavour.  A warmer fermentation will ferment more quickly and produce some more ester character to your wash and final spirit.  Aim for the higher end of the range around 32-35C for a more full flavour higher ester Whiskey wash.
    10. Fermentation should be completed within 3-5 days.   Wait for two consecutive days of consistent low Hydrometer readings. 
    11. Once fermentation is complete.  Stir the wash vigorously to remove all of the remaining CO2.  Once degassed, add the contents of Part A of Still Spirits - Turbo Clear 130g stir well, then leave for 1 hour to stand.
    12. After 1 hour, slowly pour Part B of Still Spirits - Turbo Clear 130g evenly over the top of the wash while stirring gently to help spread it evenly.  Do not stir vigorously as this will disrupt the clearing process.  Leave to clear for 24 hours.  During this time Part B will drop down from the top, taking all unwanted yeast and sediment with it to the bottom.  If you have temperature control of your fermenter or an old fridge feel free to crash chill to assist with clarification of your wash before distillation.

    Move the wash to your Still and Distil Safely and Happy!

    Jim Tom | American Rye Whiskey Distillers Recipe Kit Contents:

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