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Milled: Yes
Yeast: Dry

Sofy loves a stroll alongside the picturesque Danube River and whiling away time in the Museums Quartier district of Vienna.  After a busy day of city life, she likes to catch up with friends and enjoy a Vienna Lager or European Amber Lager with a side of Wiener Schnitzel.  If you enjoy a depth of malt flavor, subtle hopping, and a clean, crisp finish, Sofy - Vienna Lager is the brew for you to Brew Happy!

So, well, what are you waiting for mate? Brew and Enjoy a Sofy | Vienna Lager #Prost #enjoyresponsibly #brewhappy always

Sofy | Vienna Lager

An easy drinking European Amber Lager by Dermott Dowling

Vital Stats:

  • 1.050 OG
  • 1.012 FG
  • 26 IBU
  • 25 EBC
  • 5.0 % ABV
  • 0.52 Bitterness ratio BU/GU
  • 23 litre brew length
  • 90 minute boil
  • Single Infusion Mash - 75% Efficiency



Amount  Hop                      Time    Use        Form        AA

  • 50g Hersbrucker (GR)         60 mins   Boil         T90 Pellets   3.5%
  • 20g Hersbrucker  (GR)        15 mins   Boil         T90 Pellets   3.5%
  • 30g Hersbrucker (GR)           5 mins   Boil         T90 Pellets   3.5%



Liquid: Bluestone Yeast


  1. Mash – the brewer should do normal mash regime, mashing at 65° C for up to 60 mins with a water to grist ratio of 3:1 (3 parts water to every 1 Kg of Grain) approx. 17 L of water to 5.10 Kg Grist at the start of the mash (to allow for your false bottom).  Add liquor if too thick.
  2. Mash Out - Raise the mash to 76 °C and mash out while recirculating or volaufing to clarify the wort for 10 minutes.
  3. Sparge – once again the brewer should do normal regime at around 76 °C with approx 16 Litres of water to bring the pre-boil volume to around 29 Litres assuming a 3.5 Litres / hour boil off. (Target is 23 Litres into primary fermenter).
  4. Boil – vigorous boil for 90 minutes with first bittering hop addition at 60 mins.
  5. Hops: 50 g Hersbrucker GR Hops at 60 mins from end of boil and a further 20g of Hersbrucker GR Hops at 15 mins from end of boil and the remaining 30g of Hersbrucker GR Hops at 5 mins from end of boil.
  6. Clarification and Yeast Nutrients: If you are waiting to add any brewing aids like Deltafloc and Yeast nutrients then make sure you do that at least 5-10 minutes from end of boil (time with the last hop addition).
  7. Pitch Yeast - Chill wort to 9–10 °C, oxygenate thoroughly if you can and pitch yeast.
  8. Fermentation - Allow fermentation to free rise natuarlly to 13° C.  After fermentation slows, complete a diacetyl rest 13° C for a few days.  Then slowly lower the temperatures about 1 °C per day until you reach 4 °C. 
  9. At this time, transfer into a lagering vessel, or drop the yeast if your using a conical fermenter and lower to a good lagering temperature of about 1 °C or lower. Giving the beer a solid four weeks of lagering time will help develop the complex flavors of the beer while providing a very clear, reddish-amber beer.
  10. Bottle or Keg as normal with 2.5 volumes of CO2 to accentuate the crispness and drinkability of the beer.
  11. Vienna lagers are best served at 7 °C in nonic pints or Pilsner glasses, which accentuate the best characteristics of the beer.
  12. Food pairings include: wienerschnitzel, bratwurst, roasted chicken, or even pepperoni pizza.

Sauces of Knowledge and further Brewspiration: