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Xiāng is a Chinese Baiju style Rice Spirit Distillers Recipe Kit.   Inside you will find all the ingredients and guidance you need to easily mix, make, ferment and distill a nice and clean Rice Spirit.  Xiāng uses a clarified Rice Malt syrup as the base ingredient and an authentic Koji Starter / Tane Koji (Aspergillus oryzae) for a nice "koji" rice flavour with a clean and dry neutral champagne yeast used for fermentation.  If you are a fan of high quality pure Chinese Baiju you will enjoy Xiāng and her sweet fragrant aroma and pure taste! Well, what are you waiting for? Mix, Ferment and Distil Happiness and remember to always distil safely and enjoy responsibly!

Ganbei | Cheers!

Vital Stats:

  • SG Target: 1.078
  • FG Target: 1.000
  • Wash ABV: 10%
  • Target Final Spirit ABW: 40% ABV
  • Batch: 25L Wash - 5L Spirit



Ingredients Required (Not Included In Kit):

  • 400g of White Rice from your local Asian Grocery Store.


Make Koji Starter

  1. Sterilise all equipment with alcohol or vinegar
  2. Soak rice in water for 12-24 hours
  3. Steam 400g rice until cooked (Do Not use rice cooker, as rice will be too soggy)
  4. Sprinkle Koji Starter 6g over cooled rice and mix thoroughly
  5. Ideally keep in a warm humid environment until fermentation begins (approx. 24 hours at 35-38 degrees)
  6. Keep Koji moist using a damp cloth
  7. Keep temperature under 40 degrees, breaking up and mixing Koji if needed
  8. After 50 hours the Koji should start to give off sweet chestnut smell, it is now ready to use.

Make Rice Spirit

  1. Dissolve 5L of Rice Syrup in 15 L of water at 60-70℃ (aim for a pH 7.0), stir vigorously.  Top up water (with cooler water) to reach 25L  and leave to cool until below 25℃
  2. While waiting for water to cool, prop up the yeast by following directions on the packet.
  3. Add the glucoamylase and one packet of Lalvin EC-1118 yeast to the wash when under 25℃,  stir in and sprinkle the rehydrated Koji on top.
  4. Hold temp between 15-25 the lower the temp the longer the fermentation the cleaner the end result.  (Recommend 16-18℃  for 3 week fermentation)
  5. Regularly aerate the wash for the first couple of days and perform a staggered yeast nutrient on days 2, 3 and 5 (20g of Still Spirits | Yeast Nutrient Light)
  6. When FG reaches 1.000 and fermentation has stopped cold crash for 24-48 hours to let yeast and koji settle at the bottom and top.  
  7. Syphon out into still avoiding the floating solids as much as possible to avoid burning during the distillation.  Alternatively filter out the liquid.
  8. You can leave it here and enjoy it as a fermented rice wine (Sake) or you can continue on to distillation with an ABV 10% wash.
  9. Syphon liquid into your still, recommended using a reflux column still.  Complete a stripping run suggested to collect low wines down to 5-10%.  Discard the first 50ml (fore-shots).
  10. Complete a spirit run making cuts to blend to taste separating the head, hearts and tails
  11. Blend the cuts to your taste and dilute down to 40% abv.

Further Reading and Watching and Knowledge Sources:

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