Dr Feelgood | June 2022 Brewers and Distillers News

Dr Feelgood | June 2022 Brewers and Distillers News

Dermott DowlingJun 13, '22

Dr Feelgood | June 2022 Brewers and Distillers News

Come on down to the doctors
Make you feel good all night

Hop this finds you well and your surviving the winter chills and sudden cold snap! Lots of exciting NEW! products to share this month and some EOFY Specials as we clear out the warehouse before stocktake so on with the show Dr Feelgood!

We are looking for a fellow warehouser to help us shipit happy so if your chasing some casual or part-time work please hit the link and send us your resume and cover letter to join the BeerCo team. We're Hiring!

NEW! Products

Dr Feelgood | Hard Root Beer | Recipe Kit

Maple | Blavour

Botanicals | Sasparilla | Gentian Root | Burdock Root | Birch Leaf

Harvest 2022 | AU Hops are here! Hop to it! Brew with Freshies

Grainfather | GCAST $92.95

Still Spirits | Filter Pro $232.95


OYL-605 Lactobacillus Blend Omega Yeast

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UniGrain Rolled Oats

25Kg $50.00 (Was $59.25) Save $9.25

Crisp Vienna Malt

25 Kg $50.00 (Was $74.95) Save $24.95

Stay well this winter and keep on keeping on Brewing and Distilling Happy and please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime about anything to Service@BeerCo.com.au or call us on 0490 501 392

cheers #brewhappy always #distilhappy always

Dermott Dowling | Managing Director | BeerCo.com.au

Dr Feelgood | Hard Root Beer | Recipe Kit

Dr Feelgood | Hard Root Beer | Recipe Kit


Back in the day, if you wanted to take it easy well you kicked back and relaxed with a Root Beer brewed with sticks and leaves and stuff in a big pot on the stove by the local landlord down at your favourite tavern.  You might saddle your horse up outside in the heat of the midday sun between rustling and hustling and bust through those Saloon doors and ask for a Root Beer.  Well, you had things to be doin later that day and it was too darn early for a whisky, so why not have a crack at brewing your own Dr Feelgood | Hard or Soft | Root Beer just the way you like it.  Take it easy out there Dude...cause we know you will.

cheers #brewhappy always #enjoyresponsibly always

Cheer up with Dr Feelgood Hard Root Beer
BeerCo Maple Blavour

BeerCo Maple Blavour


BeerCo Maple Blavour organoleptics are: Slightly bourbony, smokey, brown, syrupy, caramellic, creamy

Maple Blavour your Breakfast Beers
Sarsaparilla Root | Smilax Aristolochiifolia

Sarsaparilla Root | Smilax Aristolochiifolia


Sarsaparilla root is well know as the key ingredient in the carbonated soft drink, sarsaparilla, along with the highly controversial sassafras root.  It is the key ingredient in Root Beer due to its bold bitter taste profile.

In the American “Old West” sarsaparilla was the most popular drink of the cowboys.

Cowboy: "You got a good Sarsparilla?"

Barman: "Sioux City Sarsaparilla?"

Cowboy: "Yeah, that's a good one" 

Cowboy | The Big Lebowski | Film by the Coen Brothers | 1998

Form:  Root

Pack Sizes and Prices:
- 100g
- 1Kg (SAVE 60% OFF 100g Price)

Common Name: Sarsaparilla

Botanical Name: Smilax aristolochiifolia

Country of Origin: India

Spice it up with Sarsaparilla Dude!
Galaxy™ 94-203-008 AU Hops

Galaxy™ 94-203-008 AU Hops

Hop on it!
Eclipse® AU Hops

Eclipse® AU Hops

Fresh AU Hops are here!
Grainfather | GCAST

Grainfather | GCAST


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Crisp Vienna Malt

Crisp Vienna Malt

Crisp Vienna Malt is made from English 2-row spring barley and is kilned to a slightly higher temperature than the Crisp Best Ale Malt. The result is a golden hued wort with a sweet, bread like aroma and flavour. Since it is a conventionally kilned malt, Vienna can be used as a base and is perfect creating its namesake, Vienna lager, in addition to other styles.

The subtle malty flavours associated with Vienna Malt provide toffee and caramel notes.

Pack Sizes & Prices:

- 5 Kg Bag ON SALE! $13.00 (WAS $18.95 Save $5.95)
- 25 Kg Bag ON SALE! $50.00 (WAS $74.95 Save $24.95)

Beer Styles:

- Vienna Lager
- Altbier
- Kellerbier
- Kolsch

Usage Guidance:

- Up to 100% of the Grist

Batch Analysis:

- SS18873 Best Before 31 July 2022 ON SPECIAL PRICE!
- SS19953 Best Before 31 Dec 2022

Insist on Crisp Vienna Malt