Resilience - Feb 2020 - BeerCo Brewing & Distilling News...  🍻 📡📻 📺📜

Resilience - Feb 2020 - BeerCo Brewing & Distilling News... 🍻 📡📻 📺📜

Dermott DowlingFeb 3, '20

Resilience | to You!

Like you we have experienced deep despair at the environmental, animal, human, social and economic damage inflicted by the devastating bushfires that have swept far and wide across this great land all summer.  The bushfires continue to rage against the magnificent men and women in their flying and driving machines with reckless abandon.  We can all feel helpless at times like these, unless your trained and able to fight the fires or heal the wounded you wonder what can I do in my small part of the economy and ecology to help out?

We can, all take action in our everyday lives to first and foremost mitigate our impact on mother earth and tread more lightly on the planet.  If that means taking a bicycle instead of the car to the shops or work your already helping to abate carbon and improve your health and wellbeing and the list goes on and at we are doing our little bit ...having already donated 80 sacks of Oats, Barley, Rice and Malt to the Victorian Federated Farmers Fodder Drive and we are pleased to launch a Resilience | Beer | All Grain Kit with the proceeds donated to World Wildlife Fund | Australia.

Hang in there, be Resilient, after each tragedy there is opportunity and we all hop that leaders of our industry, government and community all do their little bit like you to turn back the tide on the climate crisis.  Together we can all do out little bit and make a combined BIG change to the climate around here!

On a brighter note, there are lot of exciting NEW! products and news to share this month on with the News....

Malt of the Month - Crisp Cara Malt - Hop of the Month - Strata® US Hops - Yeast of the Month - WildBrew™  Helveticus Pitch - BeerCo Recipe of the Month - Resilience | Beer All Grain Recipe Kit Equipment of the Month - Scales  - How to Brew like a Pro Video - Reading your Hydrometer and Refractometer - and  what's coming up on our Brewing and Distilling Events Calendar in 2020.

On with the Brewing resilient...tread lightly on mother earth...share a beer or spirit with those around you and have a great brewing and/or distilling month.

Oh, and before we go be sure to check out all the HOP Specials this month as we clear out the coolroom on US and EU Hops ahead of Crop 2019 incoming harvest!

Resilience Beers and Spirit to you all!

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Crisp Extra Light Crystal gives a subtle caramel flavour Crystal 100
Crisp Cara Malt
Crisp Cara Malt
$5.95/1Kg - $89.25/25Kg (SAVE 40%)

Crisp Cara Malt is a very low colour Crystal Malt which has an almost completely glassy endosperm. It contains a greater degree of sweetness than Crystal Malt and the harsher nutty roasted flavours are not present.

Crisp Cara Malt greatly improves body, foam retention and beer stability whilst adding little colour. It has therefore, become very popular in the production of lagers where it is used to assist in enhancing flavour and character. For this reason it has also become a common constituent in low alcohol beers.

Sweet Caramel, Malty flavour Crisp Cara Malt is good in all beer styles up to 15% for body, foam and mouthfeel.

Pack Sizes:

  • 1 Kg Bag $5.95
  • 5 Kg Bag $23.80 (SAVE 20% on 1Kg Price)
  • 25 Kg Sack $89.25 (SAVE 20% on 1Kg Price)
  • Trade/Wholesale $2,350/MT ex GST or $2.35/Kg (SAVE 55% on 1Kg Price) in mixed minimum orders over 10 x 25Kg of Crisp and Malteurop. Send your trade/wholesale inquiries to us at

Batch Analysis






Moisture 6.0% max 6.0% max 6.0% max
Extract 271 L°/kg 73.0% 73.0%
Colour 23-32 EBC 25.0-35.0 EBC 9.9-13.7 °L

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Strata® US Hops - NEW!
Strata® US Hops - NEW!
$10.95/100g - $383.25/5Kg (SAVE 30% OFF 100g Price)

Strata®, was developed at Oregon State University and originally known as X331. Flavors will remind you of grapefruit & pine and help round out a clean bite of a classic West Coast style India Pale Ale.

All experimentation points to Strata® being very versatile dual-purpose hop variety. Bittering with Strata® brings a nice balanced bitterness. Flavor and aroma additions bring out the fruity side with tropical fruit and fresh berry brightness. Brewers say that dry hopping deepens the grapefruit and dank/herbal/cannabis elements. At this point, it has been used mostly in IPAs, Pale Ales, and Session IPAs, but could work well in everything from Saisons to Lagers.


  • Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, Strawberry, Dank, Herbal, Cannabis

Analytical Data:

  • Harvest Year: 2019 | Lot: 1406 | Alpha Acid 17.0% | Beta Acid 6.8% | Total Oil 3.1mL/100g
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NEW! WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch Lallemand
NEW! WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch Lallemand
A$274.95 / 500g

Lallemand Brewing WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch is a ready-to-use dried bacteria, a strain of Lactobacillus helveticus specifically selected for its ability to produce a wide range of sour beer styles. In comparison to WildBrew™ Sour Pitch Lactobacillus Plantarum, the new bacteria produces a more intense citrusy flavor at higher temperatures. Additionally, WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch will deliver unmatched consistency, effortless application, fully assured performance and unparalleled purity for brewing the sour beer style of your choice.

WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch produces an intense and sharp citrus flavor profile typical of both traditional and modern sour beer styles.

Styles brewed with this bacteria include, but are not limited to,

  • Berliner Weisse, Gose, lambic-style, American Wild, and Sour IPA
WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch is currently available in 250g packs (for 25hL / 660 US gal)

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Stay Sour! with NEW! WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch
Resilience | Beer | All Grain Recipe Kit
Resilience | Beer | All Grain Recipe Kit
A$59.95 - A$64.95

Resilience Beer is a project that arose in the wake of unprecedented bushfires in Australia during late 2019 and early 2020. It came from a desire in the local beer industry to find ways to support those impacted by and fighting the fires both now and in the future.  Proceeds from the sale of Resilience - Beer - BeerCo All Grain Recipe Kit will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund - Australia Bushfire Emergency Appeal.

Resilience | Beer for Bushfire Relief
Digital Scales - Up to 10Kg
Digital Scales - Up to 10Kg

Bodysense Digital Kitchen Scale - White - 10 Kg is a trusted brand in your home brewery since 1920 and comes with a full 5 year manufacturers warranty.  Perfect for weighing out your Malt, Hops, Adjuncts, Aids and more...

Features include:

  • Weighs in four metrics (g, lb:oz, ml, fl:oz)
  • Tare (add and weigh) function
  • Touch sensors
  • Large, easy to read LCD display
  • Also measures liquid and water volumes
  • Suitable for weights and measures up to 10 Kg total net weight
Looking for something more heavy duty - why not check out:

Digital Kitchen Scale - Black - 15 Kg - High Capacity - $79.95
Weigh everything happy with ease!
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