Hoppy Easter - April 2021 - BeerCo Brewing and Distilling News

Hoppy Easter - April 2021 - BeerCo Brewing and Distilling News

Dermott DowlingApr 4, '21

Hop your well and having a great brewing and distilling long Hoppy Easter weekend. We have lots of NEW! and exciting things to share this month from freshly landed Organic 100% Blue Agave syrup to NEW! Yeast DistilaMax TQ to new recipes like Catherine “the Great” | Imperial Stout All Grain Recipe Kit and Mathew | Molasses Rum Recipe Kit …and How to Make Hard Seltzer with Stass… with so much to report its time to get on with the News…

Stay tuned in on social media and sign-up for back in stock alerts on some exciting NEW! products landing soon like Crisp Plumage Archer Malt and if your chasing something hard to find please reach out to us at Service@BeerCo.com.au Our Search is Your Satisfaction and we love to chase down those hard to find authentic ingredients to help you brew and/or distil happy always.

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Cheers #HoppyEaster #brewhappy #distilhappy always and have a great April

Dermott Dowling | Managing Director, BeerCo Pty Ltd

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Crisp Low Colour Chocolate Malt

Crisp Low Colour Chocolate malt imparts a delicate chocolate aroma and taste much like a mellow cold brew coffee. This malt type lacks the astringency of the more darkly roasted malts.

Beer Styles: Porters, Stouts and Strong Milds

Usage: up to 5% of the grist

  • Moisture 2.0% Max

  • Extract 72.0%

  • Colour 440 - 660 EBC

Prices and Pack Sizes:

  • $5.95 / 1Kg

  • $23.80 / 5Kg

  • $89.25 / 25Kg Sack

  • Wholesale/Trade $58.75 / 25Kg ex GST

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Crisp Amber Malt
BeerCo.com.au US Hops

Trident™ Specialised Hop Blend

Trident™ was developed for those seeking a hop forward punch to the nose fruity, citrus, tropical, passion fruit blend to fit any beer style. Trident™ is a specialized blend with a much wider range of aroma and flavor characteristics than any single hop variety could generate on its own.

Brewing usage: Dual

Aroma: Fruity, Citrus, Tropical, Passion fruit

  • Crop Year: 2019

  • Alpha Acids: 13.3%

  • Beta Acids: 4-5%

  • Total Oils: 2.5ml/100g

Beer styles: Hazy IPA, American Pale Ale, IPA, Lager

Pack Sizes and Prices inc. GST

  • 100g $9.95

  • 250g $21.95 (SAVE 10% OFF 100g)

  • 500g $41.95 (SAVE 15% OFF 100g)

  • 1Kg $79.95 (SAVE 20% OFF 100g)

  • 5 Kg $348.25 (SAVE 30% OFF 100g)

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LalBrew CBC-1 Yeast | BeerCo.com.au

DistilaMax® TQ - Lallemand Craft Distilling Yeast

$85.95 / 500g Brick

Lallemand Craft Distilling - DistilaMax TQ is dedicated for Tequila and Mezcal production and fruit fermentation.

DistilaMax TQ has been selected especially for its ability to ferment glucose and fructsose in high-stress conditions.

DistilaMax TQ has the killer factor K2, enabling DistilaMax TQ to outcompete wild yeast in the fermentation.

Product Features:

  • Temperature Range: 20°C – 33°C

  • pH range: 3.5 – 5.2

  • Fructophile


  • Tequila, Mezcal, Fruit Brandies

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Organic 100% Blue Agave Syrup

  • $299.95 / 28 Kg Pails

  • $2799.95 / 285 Kg Plastic Drums

  • $12,915.95 / 1,350 Kg Plastic Totes

Agave Syrup or Nectar is a delicious and characteristic sweentener elaborated 100% fromAgave TequilanaWeber Blue variety (only raw material).

Due to their highly fructose content the Organic 100% Blue Agave Syrup FAS4 is the ideal raw material to obtain Agave distilled products by Industrial fermentative process.

Batch Analysis:

Lot # LB338052 Best Before: 3 Dec 2023

Try NEW! IMAG Organic 100% Blue Agave Syrup
Crisp Flaked Rice | BeerCo.com.au
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Ruby | Strong Mild | BeerCo All Grain Recipe Kit

Catherine | Imperial Stout Recipe Kit

$79.95 un/milled dry/liquid yeast

Imperial Stout is the beer of Russian Czars, much loved and enjoyed by “Catherine II, Empress of all the Russias” back in the late 18th century. Big, Bold and Dark, Imperial Stout is a beer style that has captured craft and homebrewers attention over the past 20 years.

Get Czarina Catherine “the Great” Imperial Stoute Recipe Kit

Mathew | Molasses Rum Recipe Kit

$44.95 inc. GST

For centuries molasses has and continues to be the driving ingredient used during the fermentation of Rum. When molasses is mixed with water and yeast, fermentation happens. This fermentation creates “Wine” that can be distilled and turned into Rum. Mathew is your introduction to brewing and distilling a Molasses Rum.

Cheers #enjoyresponsibly #distilsafely

Mathew | Molasses Rum Recipe Kit Contents:

14Kg Bundaberg Molasses (Food Grade)

1 x 20g packet Still Spirits - Distillers Yeast - Rum

1 x 130g packet Still Spirits - Turbo Clear

Start Your Distilling Journey Today! Mathew | Molasses Rum
Janz Sparkling Tasmania Wine Barrels
Brew Like a Pro: How To Make Hard Seltzer