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There is a wonderful red sunset out tonight - fire red across the sky and the autumn ivy is red as red can be. All around the autumn leaves turn from green to auburn and read, and slowly fall one by one to the cold ground below. You thoughts to things dark and grim as the winter months approach and there is nothing more grim than 'the grim RRIPA'.  You and me and everyone will one day see the man with the scythe who comes to take us away when we least expect it!

But wait, Grim RRIPA, take a seat, draw a breathe, rest your scythe over beside the Kegerator for I have one last drink to share with you before you take me away. A drink as bold as you are full of layers of malty and spicy Rye and hopped with a classic Centennial and double dry hopped with Eclipse®.  Would you care for a glass? Cheers #livehappy #GrimRRIPA #oneMoreSir

Grim Red Rye IPA BeerCo Brewers Recipe Kit | Brewfather App

an All Grain Red Rye IPA by Dermott Dowling

Vital Stats:

  • 1.067 OG
  • 1.013 FG
  • 70 IBU
  • 25 EBC
  • 7.1% ABV
  • 1.05 Bitterness Ratio IBU/SG
  • 19 litre brew length
  • 60 minute boil
  • Single Infusion Mash - 72% Efficiency


6.50 kg Total Grist - 100%


Amount  Hop                  Time     Use        Form AA

  • 30 g Centennial (US)      60 min    Boil           Pellet   10.3%
  • 40 g Eclipse®(AU)         10 min     Boil           Pellet  16.9%
  • 40 g Centennial (US)      10 min     Boil           Pellet  10.3%
  • 30 g Eclipse® (AU)           3 days   Dry Hop    Pellet  16.9%
  • 30 g Centennial (US)        3 days   Dry Hop    Pellet   10.3%
  • 30 g Eclipse® (AU)           3 days   Dry Hop    Pellet  16.9%



  1. Mash – the brewer should do normal mash regime, mashing at 65.5 C for at least 65 mins with a liquor to grist ratio of approx. 3:1 or around 17L of water.
  2. Sparge – once again the brewer should do normal regime at around 76C with 16.5L of water to bring your pre-boil wort up to around 25L.
  3. Boil – vigorous boil for 60 mins. You may want to boil for 90 mins if time permits with first bittering hop addition at 60 mins.
  4. Hops: Add 30g of Centennial @60 mins, 40g of Centennial and 40 g of Eclipse® @10 mins from end of boil.  Add a tablet of Whirlfloc or a tsp of Irish Moss and Yeast Nutrient as well at 10 minutes if you have them handy.
  5. Cool the wort and pitch a healthy dose of yeast for fermentation – Aerate well and ferment at 18-22 C.
  6. Yeast off after vigorous primary fermentation is completed and start the first of two double dry hop additions post primary fermentation - first dry hop of 30 g Eclipse® and 30g of Centennial (US) leave for 72 hours before an additional 2nd dry hop of 30 g Eclipse® one for another 3 days (72 hours) Note: total double dry hop contact time of 6 days and 60g of Eclipse®.
  7. Crash chill and bottle or keg as normal.  This beer likes a solid amount of carbonation, so target about 2.5 volumes of CO2
  8. Mature for 10 days before carbonating.

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