Watch the Corners! - Aug 2018 - BeerCo Brewing News... 📡📩🍻

Watch the Corners! - Aug 2018 - BeerCo Brewing News... 📡📩🍻

Dermott Dowling

Hey me watch the corners, 
Watch me 'cause I know what you done 
Hey me don't you know 
Watch me 'cause I'm all alone

Watch the Corners! Dinosaur Jnr.

We hop this issue of the BeerCo Brewing News finds you in a good company, keeping good company and skating inside your realms of comfort.  How's your "condition" post Dry July?

We closed out another busy July with more orders out to more of you awesome Aussie Brewers so thanks Sisters and Brothers in arms for all your efforts to put quality and flavour first in your brewing choices. We hop that you are bringing family and friends on the journey into a better beer tomorrow and most importantly learning and having fun!

This Aug 18 monthly is another bumper issue - Malt of the Month - Wheat Malt - Adjunct of the Month - Rice Hulls - Hop of the Month - Saaz - Yeast of the Month - GY027 Saison #2 GigaYeast - Equipment of the Month - The Brew Pad Heat Panel - BeerCo Recipe of the Month - Blue Sky Grisette and that will do for now...oh no it won't!

PS Pop more dates in your brewing calendar

  1. Father's Day at Fury & Son Brewing Co - Beer Brunch - Sun 2 Sep
  2. BeerCo Bottle Share meetup - Wed 24 Oct - 4-7 PM - Save the Date! More details coming soon...stay tuned in
  3. anhc 6 - 26-8 Oct 2018 in MELbrewin' - have you got your tickets?

Wheat Malt

Gladfield Wheat Malt is produced from an old English Wheat variety that modifies very well, resulting in a higher yield.

Wheat Malt gives clean light coloured wort. Wheat Malt can be used in many beer styles to add head retention, body and a wheat malty flavour to the finished beer.  A popular addition in many IPAs to create the "haze" or "hold a head on it" Wheat Malt is also an excellent addition in your Spring and Summer beers for some texture colour and mouthfeel! What are you waiting for - Brew like a Monk and add some Wheat in your Grist!

  • 5 Kg Bags RRP $17.50 Incl. GST 
  • 25 Kg Sacks RRP $69.95 Incl. GST - SAVE 20% ON 5KG RRP



  • Up to 70% of the Grist
  • If going over 50% Rice Hulls are recommended in addition to avoid stuck mash and for greater ease of conversion and lautering
Check out: Gladfield Redback Wheat Malt (Crystal Wheat) as well for a colour and flavour twist in your Wheat malt additions to your mash tun!
Buy Now! Wheat Malt!

Adjunct of the Month:  Rice Hulls

Brewing up a "true to Jamil Style" Belgian Wit with Tom during dry July we found out just what a good friend in the Mash Tun Rice Hulls can be!  With over 50% of the grist being unmalted flaked wheat and rolled oats  our barley had its work well and truly cut out and we needed our good friend Ms Rice and her wonderful hulls to help insure we hit our numbers in the Mash enjoyed a smooth and clear sparge and clean lauter and didn't end up eating a lot of Porridge and miss out tasting paddle rewards at Two Birds Brewing Co after a Hoppy Flyday brewday!  We call it PD! Professional Development or NPD Newcomer Prototyping and Development and Tom picked a cracker of a style to master on his first brew day!

Rice Hulls are the outer shell or husk of a grain of rice. Rice Hulls are normally removed from the grain of rice, and when used for brewing the hulls improve the filter bed of the mash to decrease the likelihood of a stuck mash. Rice hulls are non-fermentable, and provide bulk helping prevent the mash from settling and becoming stuck during the sparge. Rice hulls are particularly useful for recipes using high protein additives such as large amounts of wheat or flaked barley or rye in the grist.  As we said early Ms Rice is very Nice when your brewing with a lot of Wheat, Rye, Oats or unmalted Barley.

Pack & Price:

  • 1.5Kg Bag for $6.95 inc GST
Be Nice to your Mash & Lauter Buy some Rice Hulls!

Hop of the Month! Saaz CZ Type 90 Hop Pellets

Saaz or Saazer is widely considered among the world’s great hop varieties, truly a “Noble” aroma hop from the Czech Republic. Saaz was selected from a landrace that has grown in Central Europe since the Middle Ages. Named after the town of Žatec (Saaz in German), some 60 km northwest of Prague, the spiritual home of Pilsner or was that Pilsen, CZ. Internationally, the Saaz hop acquired its German name in the 19th century, when what is now the Czech Republic was part of the German-speaking Austro-Hungarian Empire. Sometimes referred to as Saazer or Bohemian Red Hop, Saaz matures early and has a low yield potential, but it possesses a uniquely pleasant aroma, which is why it is the major hop produced in the Czech Republic and widely exported to brewers around the world.

Czech Saaz is noble in nature and delicate in spirit and it is worth paying attention to Harvest Years and study up on how to spot a good hop pellet from a bad hop pellet before you pay out on poor or rave about awesome quality Saaz. If you want to read up on Hops check out a talk we did at QHC2017 on Hops and jump to Slide 19 on the SlideShare for how to spot a good pellet from a bad pellet.

2016 Harvest Saaz was good!  Saaz is good for oh so many reasons. Leave her a while and let her alpha's fade and she is great in a Sour Beer Style.  Keep Saaz close and treat her kindly and she will delight in oh so many beer styles.  Your noble for a reason Ms Saaz.


  • Type 90 Hop Pellets | 100g | 250g | 500g | 1Kg Foils


  • Specific aroma descriptors include mild with pleasant earthy, herbal and floral overtones.

Beer Styles

  • Grisette
  • Pilsner
  • Saison
  • Sours

Brewing Values:

  • Harvest: 2016
  • ALPHA ACID 2.5-4.5%  (Low)
  • BETA ACID 4-6% (Low/Medium)
  • TOTAL OIL 0.4-0.8 mL/100g 0 4 (Low)


Czech Saazer is the classic "noble" aroma hop with long and strong traditions, associated with the renowned Czech Pilsner

Pack & Price Options:

  • 100g $9.95 incl GST RRP NOW $6.95 SAVE 30% OFF RRP
  • 250g $19.95 incl GST RRP NOW $14.95 SAVE 25% OFF RRP
  • 500g $39.95 incl GST
  • 1 Kg $69.95 incl GST RRP NOW $39.95 SAVE 43% OFF RRP
Buy Noble! Buy CZ Saaz Type 90 Hop Pellets and Brew Hoppy!

Yeast of the Month: GY027 Saison #2 GigaYeast

Gold Pitch - Normally $14.95 NOW $9.95 inc GST (SAVE 33% OFF RRP)

GigaYeast Saison #2 GY027 is from a traditional farmhouse Saison. GY027 creates the fruity and spicy aroma traditional to the style. Warmer fermentation temperatures result in a more intense flavour. GY027 Saison #2 GigaYeast produces a tartness not found in most of our yeast and a slightly sweeter beer than GY018 Saison #1 GigaYeast.

Attenuation Medium Gravity*

  • 79% – 83%

Attenuation High Gravity*

  • 44% – 47% (5.5% – 6.0% ABV)

Temperature Range:

  • 18˚C – 27˚C (64˚F – 80˚F)


  • Low

Representative Beer Styles:

  • Grisette
  • Saison
  • Farmhouse Ale
  • Belgian Ale
  • Biere De Garde
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Equipment of the Month:  The Brew Pad - Heat Panel

$49.95 incl. GST

One of the top 5 immutable laws of brewing is "temperature control".  If you do not have temperature control of your fermentation your risking making less than great beer!

The Brew Pad Heat Panel is a multi-purpose heating panel that provides the ideal temperature for year round brewing.

  • Convenient and easy to use - just plug it in!
  • Avoid direct contact with liquids.
  • Use on a solid heat resistant surface.
  • Do not use if damaged.


  • Flame retarded injection moulded polycarbonate
  • Supplies constant steady heat (ideal for fermentation temperature control).
  • Inexpensive to run.
  • Full replacement 3 year warranty, on manufacturers parts only.
  • Electrical certificate of suitability No. 6691N.
  • Complies with AS 3100

Manufactured in New Zealand.

Recommended additional products to purchase to assist with Fermentation Temperature Control:

Keep your Brew Warm and Happy with the Brew Pad - Buy NOW!

BeerCo Recipe Kit of the Month - Blue Sky - Grisette -  BeerCo Recipe Kit

Grisettes are light, refreshing European-born beers originally brewed for miners in Belgium’s Hainaut province.  Low in alcohol they were designed to refresh workers after what must have been a cramped, taxing day below ground.
  • $49.95 incl. GST Milled / Unmilled Dry Yeast
  • $54.95 incl GST Milled / Unmilled Liquid GigaYeast

Grisettes are brewed with malted wheat, his detail is perhaps their defining characteristic, because many Belgian beers of that period would have been brewed with unmalted wheat.  Grisettes also have noticeable hopping levels.  Here we have designed a clean simple and sessionable and wylie Grisette for you to enjoy as Spring arrives and at an ABV that will not slow you down as you get about your busy day of digging through your chores.

But if I work all day at the blue sky mine
(There'll be food on the table tonight)
Midnight Oil - Blue Sky Mine

Cheers! #brewhappy #drinkhappier #enjoyresponsibly

Vital Stats:

Batch & Boil

  • Batch Size: 20 Litres / 5.25 US Gallons
  • Boil Time: 90 mins


  • OG 1.047
  • FG 1.007
  • IBU 49
  • ABV 5.3%
  • Colour 7 EBC


Amt       Name                                 Colour                   % Grist

3.60 Kg      Pilsner Malt                              (4.2 EBC)                            82%

0.80 Kg      Wheat Malt                               (3.8 EBC)                            18%

4.40 Kg      TOTAL                                         7   EBC                           100%


  1. 50 gm CZ Saaz  Hop Pellets Alpha: 4.4% – 90 minute boil addition
  2. 50 gm CZ Saaz  Hop Pellets Alpha: 4.4% – 15 minutes from end of boil


Liquid | GigaYeast

Dry | Lallemand


Mill the grains and dough-in targeting a mash of around 3 Litres of water to 1 Kg of grain (a liquor-to-grist ratio of about 3:1 by weight or around 17 Litres) and a single infusion temperature of 66-7 °C.
Alternatively, if you are game you can step mash with the following steps:

Step Mash:
  • 10 minute rest at 42° C (108° F), 1.5 L/kg (0.7 qt./lb.).
  • 15 minute rest at 52° C (126° F), 2.4 L/kg (1.15 qt./lb.).
  • 50 minute rest at 65° C (149° F), 3.5 L/kg (1.7 qt./lb.).
  • 30 minute rest at 72° C (162° F), 4.6 L/kg (2.2 qt./lb.)
  1. Sparge with approximately 75–80° C (167–176° F) water
  2. Sparge: Fly Sparge slowly with 16 Litres of 77 °C (170 °F) water, collecting wort until the pre-boil kettle volume is around 25.0 L.
  3. Boil: 90 minutes. 1st Saaz Hop with 50 g at 90 min and 2nd Hop Saaz Addition of another 50 g at 15 min.  Add Yeast Nutrient with 15 mins of boil remaining.
  4. Cool wort and transfer to the primary fermenter oxygenating wort and pitching Liquid GigaYeast or Lallemand Brewing Belle Saison Yeast at 18° C
  5. Fermentation: If using a pure-culture, follow the guidelines for ordinary grisette and allow an extra day or two at warm temperatures if needed. The beer can be packaged at approximately 2 weeks old and consumed fairly fresh. This allows for grisette to modernize, changing from an aged mixed-culture historic beer into a modern pure-culture beer that is consumed fresh.
  6. If using a mixed culture, ferment with your chosen blend until primary fermentation is complete. At this point, age at cellar temperature for 2–5 months (or longer if the FG is not yet stable) before packaging.
  7. Packaging: Bottle or keg at 9–10 days from the start of fermentation (or longer if needed for clarity and complete fermentation). A slight haze is OK and likely would be fitting for the beer. Shoot for around 2.8–3.1 volumes (5.6–6.2 g/L) of CO2, depending on when I am packaging and the yeast I am using.
  8. Optional Extra: Dry hop with ≤1 g/L (≤0.13 oz./gal.) Goldings or Willamette for approximately 4–5 days, starting at the end of fermentation when the beer would be cooled down.
  9. Bring up to beer cellar temperature 6-8°C pour into a goblet glass, slip off your miners hat and work overalls and slip into your Hawaii Shirt and enjoy responsibly, Prost!
  10. Food pairing - Rustic beers call for rustic foods, and French provincial cuisine is a great choice.  A simple roasted chicken with garlic and herbs calls out for an easygoing Grisette. Bouillabaisse and shellfish pair well with Grisette as does funky fromage - try a washed rind cheese or a delicate ripened goat cheese.  The spicy side of Grisette makes it a great partner for aromatic Asian or Middle-Eastern dishes.  Grilled red meat like a cracked-pepper crusted steak. You can't go wrong pairing saison with charcuterie.  Grissette will complement a wide range of smoked, cured, and confited meats or some gourmet sausages!

BeerCo Recipe Kit Contents:

  • Malt - 4.4Kg
  • Hops - 100g
  • Yeast - 1 x Liquid Gold Pitches or 2 x Dry Yeast Sachets

Credits & Sauces of Brewspiration & Further Reading on the Style:

Blue Sky Miners | Grisette - All Grain BeerCo Recipe Kit is gonna save you!

Beer Brunch for Father's Day

by Fury and Son Brewing $66.97 per person on Sun 2nd Sep 2018
Strictly Limited Exclusive Event - 70 pp only allowed - get in quickly!

Fury and Son in association with are hosting a Father’s Day Beer Brunch to celebrate the launch of Crisp Malt in Australia.

Fury and Son will be producing the first commercial brew using newly re-introduced Chevalier Barley. Head brewer Brenton Aylward is concocting a special Smoked Maple Bacon Dark Ale using 100% Crisp Chevallier Malt, classic UK Fuggles Hops and British Ale #2 GigaYeast from a traditional British brewery from one of the oldest and best-known English cask ales. The team will be hand smoking and roasting the malt to get the desired colour and flavours for the beer. This special release Dark Ale will join an Imperial Coffee Stout and Scotch Ale in a three-course, beer paired brunch for the event with the remaining Fury and Son beers also available on tap.

Proceeds from the event will go towards raising awareness of men’s health issues by supporting the Australian Men’s Shed Association.

Tickets to the event can be purchased here:

Fury and Son Brewing Company:

From extract brewing in our garage to a large commercial setup, as a father and son we have been brewing beer in one way or another for the better part of 15 years. Our bond has been strengthened by our mutual passion and the love of good quality Australian beer and our fury beer is no exception.

BeerCo Pty Ltd | Unit 1 / 1-3 Disney Avenue, Keilor East, VIC 3033 mission is to rid the world of beer poverty one good brew at a time by giving brewers of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to brew with the best brewing materials, aids and equipment possible. Crisp are a perfect fit for us with over 148 years of malting experience and expertise and are the largest independent maltster in the United Kingdom. We are proud to introduce yet another high quality new raw material to brewers downunder.

Crisp Malt is available for immediate order and delivery to Australian Craft Brewers and Distillers – send all inquiries to . From 1 October 2018, Crisp will be available to all BeerCo Pty Ltd homebrew retail partners and direct to homebrewer orders online at