Baked - Oct 2020 - BeerCo Brewing & Distilling News...  🍻 📡📻 📺📜 🙏

Baked - Oct 2020 - BeerCo Brewing & Distilling News... 🍻 📡📻 📺📜 🙏

Dermott DowlingOct 16, '20

RUOK?  Hanging in there?  For a lot of us here in MELbrewin' and out there across Australia and around the world 2020 has been a long year with a huge amount of change.  Change is Hardest in the Middle (Kanter, 2009).  Do not despair.  Instead, persist and persevere. Have stamina. Be flexible.  In life and business we all need to expect obstacles on the road to success and celebrate each milestone.

Whatever, your doing to stay positive and have a growth mindset in 2020,  Keep it up!  Remember, positivity breeds positivity and we need all the positivity we can muster at the moment.  For those of us still #LockedDown do not get down.  Get Up!  One of the many small pleasures I have discovered during #Lockdown apart from my much beloved Garden, Fruit Trees and Hop Bines is "getting my bake on" making Sourdough Loaf after Sourdough Loaf and dropping them off to friends and neighbours in our postcode as well as feeding the family.  Before there were Brewers there were the Bakers or vice versa!  In forthcoming, issues of the BeerCo Brewing and Distilling News, I plan to share some of my Sourdough recipes and how to make a Sourdough Starter from your favourite Sour Beer.

Before I forget!  Remember one thing! Talking about things helps.  A problem shared is a problem halved.  Throughout this ordeal remember we are here for you if you want to drop us a line or give us a call and chat about your Brewing and Distilling supplies please reach out anytime!  Now, on with some exciting NEW! NEWS!

There are lots of exciting products of the month and news to share this month on with the News....

NEWS ALERT!  Another Crisp Malt Container has just docked into the Port of Melbourne today, sign up for back in stock alerts on your favourite Crisp Malt on our products pages as we expect lots of finest freshest Crisp Malt to land into our warehouse soon!

CALLING ALL AUSSIE CRAFTBREWERS! Please take some time out of your busy brewing and selling week to complete the Project Callaghan - NEW! Malteurop Base Malt project where we reinvent base malts for Brewers from Seed to Sack!  We need to hear YOUR voice! Tanks in advance for your valuable time and consideration.

Malt of the Month - Crisp Smooth Chocolate Malt - SMALL BATCH #3 - LIMITED RELEASE! - Hop of the Month - LUPOMAX™ Citra® US Hops - Brand HBC 394 AND LUPOMAX™ - Mosaic® HBC 369 US Hops  - Yeast of the Month - GY017 Bavarian Hefe GigaYeast - Adjunct of the Month - Novozymes - Ultraflo XL - Beta-glucanase  - BeerCo Recipe of the Month - Hazy Jack | IPA | All Grain Recipe Kit - Equipment of the Month - EasyDens by Anton Paar - NEW! and  - Clarendon Hills - Red Wine Barrels - 228 Litres and what has been and gone and is coming up on our Brewing and Distilling NEW! Virtual Events Calendar in 2020.  

On with the Brewing & Distilling News....Harden Up! Stay CoVidSafe and Healthy .... and have a beery happy Brewing and/or Distilling month of October!

Cheers #BrewHappy #DistillHappy always

Dermott Dowling
Managing Director, BeerCo Pty Ltd
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Candi Syrup - 1lb/454g Pouches $9.95 and 50lb/22.7Kg Pails $249.95 inc. GST
Crisp Smooth Chocolate Malt - SMALL BATCH #3 - LIMITED RELEASE!
Crisp Smooth Chocolate Malt - SMALL BATCH #3 - LIMITED RELEASE!
A$5.95 - A$89.25

Arguably, Crisp Malt most innovative Small Batch release to date Smooth Chocolate is the first malt of the series to come off our Speciality Malt Plant.

This low colour, aromatic, roasted malt offers desirably low astringency with an irresistibly smooth mouthfeel when brewed with.  Smooth Chocolate has been carefully roasted to a colour of 494 EBC, making it suitable for a selection of darker beer styles.

We recommend using Smooth Chocolate at up to 10% of the grist Why not pair it with Crisp Finest Maris Otter Malt to achieve the perfect balance of smooth maltiness with intense, coffee chocolate notes.

Tasting Notes - Smooth Coffee, Milk Chocolate and Treacle
Beer Styles - Brown Ale, Chocolate Porter, Schwarzbier
Usage Rate - Guidance - up to 10% of the grist

Pack Sizes and Prices:

  • 1 Kg Bag $5.95/Kg
  • 5 Kg Bag $23.80 (SAVE 20% OFF 1 Kg Price)
  • 25 Kg Bag $89.25 (SAVE 40% OFF 1 Kg Bag Price)
  • Click here for Trade Account Wholesale orders and pricing $2.35/Kg exc. GST (SAVE 55% OFF 1Kg Retail Price)




EXTRACT (DRY) 298 L° / Kg

Insist on Crisp Smooth Chocolate Malt in your next Brew Happy and try some of these other Crisp Specialty Malts

Crisp Finest Maris Otter® Ale Malt - Light, dark & strong milds, English ales, IPAs, stouts, porters, barley wines,
golden ales - Malty, Sweet, Biscuit
Crisp Amber Malt - Biscuit Malt -  Dry, Biscuit, Bready, Slightly Toasted, No Residual Sweetness
Crisp Brown Malt - Bitters, Brown Ales, Dark Ales, Mild Ales, Old Ales, Porters - Toasted Bread, Dry, Non-Sweet, Rich

Recipes for Use:

Insist on Crisp Smooth Chocolate No.3!
LUPOMAX™ - Citra® US Hops - Brand HBC 394
LUPOMAX™ - Citra® US Hops - Brand HBC 394
$17.95/100g - $627.95/5Kg (SAVE 30% OFF 100g Price)

LUPOMAX™ Citra® US Hops deliver consistent lupulin concentration for optimized hop flavor Sensory Plus™ process delivers consistency and true-to-type hop flavor Lupulin standardization for reliable brewing performance Reduces beer loss; more beer to sell Use at 70% ratio Type 90 Pellets throughout the brewing process.

Brewing Application:

“Bigger, bolder, brighter! The reduced vegetative matter of LUPOMAX™ pellets gives me a clean hop flavor and really saves on beer loss, too. Can be used at any stage in the brewing process, but it really shines where flavor intensity and reducing beer loss matter most, like dry hopping.” – Virgil McDonald, HAAS Innovations Brewmaster


  • LUPOMAX™ US Hop Pellets

Pack Sizes and Prices!

  • 100g $17.95 inc GST
  • 250g $39.95 (SAVE 10% OFF 100g Price)
  • 500g $75.95 (SAVE 15% OFF 100g Price)
  • 1 Kg $139.95 (SAVE 20% OFF 100g Price)
  • 5 Kg $627.95 (SAVE 30% OFF 100g Price)


  • Citrus including lime and grapefruit as well as other tropical fruity characters.

Analytical Data:

  • Crop Year: 2019 Batch: I-91127 AA%: 18.5% (ASBC Spectro) Oil Content mL\100gm: 2.3 Moisture: 8.4%

You might also like to try some of these other LUPOMAX™ Products

Put some LupoMax into your next Brew Hoppy!
GY017 Bavarian Hefe GigaYeast
GY017 Bavarian Hefe GigaYeast

GigaYeast Bavarian Hefe GY017 is traditional Hefeweizen Yeast from one of Bavaria’s oldest breweries. GY017 Bavarian Hefe GigaYeast is a robust attenuator that works over a broad range of temperatures and produces the classic banana and clove notes of the German wheat beer style. Moderate sulphide producer (will dissipate with conditioning).

Pack Sizes and Prices:

  • 200 billion cells Gold Pitch $15.95 inc GST
  • Pro-Pitches available in sizes from 10hL upwards - allow 2 weeks from order to production for planning purposes

Beer Styles:

  • Dunkelweizen, Gose, Hefeweizen, Weizenbock


  • 77% – 81%


  • 66% – 69% (8.9% – 9.6% ABV)


  • 18˚C – 27˚C (64˚F – 80˚F)


  • very low

Other GigaYeast you might like to try in your next Brew Happy!: Available in 200 billion cells Gold Pitches for Home Brewers and Pro-Pitches for Craft Brewers

  • GY015 Trappist Tripel GigaYeast Regular price $15.95 $9.95 Sale from the mother of all Tripels. A balance of fruit and spice with a good malty finish
  • GY018 Saison #1   a traditional Saison yeast from a French craft brewery. GY018 produces fragrant beer with pepper and fruit notes. 
  • GY134 Kveik #1 GigaYeast - a traditional Norwegian Kveik yeast that can be fermented at 29˚ – 38˚C.  Subtle notes of citrus fruit make this yeast an excellent choice for clean hop-forward IPAs and Pale Ales with citrus hop additions.
Get Your Bavarian Hefe Giga on this Oktoberfest!
Novozymes - Ultraflo XL - Beta-glucanase
Novozymes - Ultraflo XL - Beta-glucanase
$59.95 / 1L Bottle or $899.95 / 25Kg Jerry Can

Ultraflo® XL is a classic multi-active β-glucanase and xylanase preparation for improved wort separation and beer filtration.  With Novozymes Ultraflo®, the viscosity of wort and beer can be further reduced. The results increase brew house efficiency and extract yields, achieve a faster filtration and minimize process fluctuations.

Pack Sizes and Prices:

Other novozymes enzymes you might like to try in your next Brew Happy! NOW AVAILABLE IN 50LB PAILS! as well as 1lb pouches.
Improve your wort with Ultraflo with Novozymes
Hazy Jack - NEIPA - BeerCo All Grain Recipe Kit
Hazy Jack - NEIPA - BeerCo All Grain Recipe Kit
$79.95 - $84.95

You love Fresh Jack West Coast IPA! Now, wait till you try Hazy Jack | East Coast IPA.  We have taken Fresh Jack and pimped him right up to the nines.  Think Citra and Mosaic LupoMax with more Lupulin Concentration than you can shake a mash paddle at with some Amarillo flavour.  Oh, yeah and we totally got under the hood on the Malt Bill with Malteurop Pilsen Malt lightly sitting under Crisp Light Munich, Wheat and Naked Oat Malt for a luscious mouthfeel and hazy golden vibes. Well, what are you waiting for? Get your Hazy Jack brewing on! Be careful he's a Double Dry Hopped New England IPA - Boom!
cheers #brewhappy #drinkhappier #enjoyresponsibly

Go Crazy for Hazy Jack! East Coast IPA
EasyDens by Anton Paar - NEW!
EasyDens by Anton Paar - NEW!
$739.95 inc GST

Pre-Order Online for uplift end of Oct - ETA mid Nov - Dispatch by end of Nov - $739.95 inc GST

Go smart – your brew deserves it! NEW! EasyDens by Anton Paar brings you probrewer technology to measure the exact plato or specific gravity of your beverages.

Measure your wort extract/Plato to track of your beer’s fermentation progress on your iOS or Android smartphone. EasyDens is the digital hydrometer designed for home brewers, hobby distillers, and wine home producers.

Get results in 3 steps

  1. Take 2 mL degassed sample
  2. Fill it into your EasyDens
  3. Done! View the results on your phone

EasyDens determines your wort's extract content, the sugar content in your home produced fruit juices and the alcohol content in spirits with no sugar added.  Monitors the fermentation process of beer and wine via a daily measurement of apparent extract or sugar and visualizes the process in a fermentation chart.  After you have downloaded the free app for EasyDens, all results are displayed on your smartphone.


  • Protection cover
  • Syringe 10 mL
  • Adapter Luer
  • Adapter Luer lock
  • Waste hose
  • Instructions

The tool you've been waiting for

Anton Paar has been a partner to the beverage industry for decades; and is the world’s leading provider of density and concentration meters in this industry. This means we delivers high quality measurement technology, pure and simple. In EasyDens, the compact density and concentration meter based on the renowned oscillating U-tube principle, this high-end quality now reaches you in a straightforward, budget-friendly package – refined technology to help you refine your handcrafted beverage.

For all beverages
In contrast to hydrometers, with EasyDens you measure alcohol extract, sugar and temperature of beer wine or distilled spirits.

Heart from the market leader
The heart of EasyDens is its measuring cell, a handcrafted, high-precision glass component for most accurate results. Best technology for a long instrument lifetime that saves you costs.

Does the math for you
The results on your smartphone are temperature-corrected and displayed in °Plato/SG, %v/v alcohol, °Brix and %w/w Extract. Say goodbye to manual calculations and correction tables.

Never wastes your brew
All you need for a measurement is 2 mL sample volume, because we know: Every drop of your beer is precious.

A speed machine
EasyDens performs a complete measurement in less than 5 seconds.

No paper and pen
Forget about manually noting down measurement results – save all data in the EasyDens app, even export and visualize them in a chart.

Measure Happy with EasyDens by Anton Paar - Pre-Order NOW!
Clarendon Hills - Red Wine Barrels - 228 Litres
Clarendon Hills - Red Wine Barrels - 228 Litres
$295 inc GST

Strictly Limited Quantity - 2 ONLY - Buy NOW! Excellent Condition - Just emptied. Still wet!

About these Clarendon Hills - Red Wine Barrels - 225 Litres $295 inc GST - what a BARGAIN!!!

Clarendon Hills are vineyard and varietal expressionists striving for purity and perfection. We are dedicated to single vineyard terroir wines that rival the best in the world.

These are beautiful French Oak Barriques that have housed some beautiful award winning red wines from Clarendon Hills - makers of the world renown Australis wine amongst other single vineyard varietals.  Do not wait as these will be gone in days! BUY NOW!!!


  • 228 Litres (60 US gallons) ex-Clarendon Hills Red Wine Barrels
Barrels of Fun! Tanks Clarendon Hills!
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