Dad - Aug 2019 - BeerCo Brewing News...🍻 📡📻 📺

Dad - Aug 2019 - BeerCo Brewing News...🍻 📡📻 📺

Dermott DowlingAug 12, '19

I'm not bitter, I'm better

I don't want to change the world

I'm not looking for a new England

I'm just looking for another girl

Billy Bragg, A New England, 1983

Trust this finds you well and enjoying the warmer winter sunshine as we eagerly look forward to Spring and the inevitable bud burst!  It appears the wheels have gone full circle as Boris now gives it a crack for a hard Brexit from Europe for little ole' England.  Not saying, we called it early but there is a recipe titled Brexit | English Bitter Ale up on since May 2016 and this month we look forward to its NEW! release as Brexit | XX Bitter Ale | BeerCo All Grain Recipe Kit enhanced by Crisp finest Malt and Challenger UK Hops.

Tanks to all of you wonderful folk who put your hand up week in and week out to join us on our mission of ridding the world of beer poverty here at  We are beery pleased to announce and welcome our newest co-worker Valentina Garcia to the fold.  Valentina has a great passion for home and craft brewing and distilling industries and has already hit the warehouse floor running.

NEW! Fresh Wort Kits are here! Viper | XPA | BeerCo Fresh Wort Kit is the latest in our range of easy to pour, ferment and keg or bottle happy Fresh Wort Kits.  We like to make brewing easy with fresh local independent craft brewery quality wort that all you have to do is clean - rinse - sanitise - pitch - ferment and brew happy!

Malt of the Month - Crisp Amber Malt - Hop of the Month - Challenger UK Hops - Yeast of the Month - NEW! GY094 German Ale GigaYeast - Adjunct of the Month - Candi Syrup - BeerCo All Grain Recipe of the Month - Brexit | XX Bitter Ale and another great video from Andrew at Stass Brewing on How to Brew like a Pro: Forced Ferment and of what's coming up on the Busy Brewers and Distillers Events calendar?

We hop you can come to MELbrewin' for BrewCon 2019 3-6 Sep and say G'day to the crew at Trade Booth #16.  We are beery exciting to welcome Dr Jim Withee - Founder and President of GigaYeast into town who is talking at BrewCon 2019.

We are also beery pleased to again be supporting our good friends up the road at Fury & Son Brewing Co  for the second year running for their annual Fathers Day Beer Brunch on Sunday 1st of September with all proceeds going to support the good work of Men's Shed.  Fury and Son have used the finest Crisp Heritage Chevallier Ale and Specialty Malt provided by taken inspiration from last century’s traditional London Porter style. Blending freshly brewed (new) and Brettanomyces Barrel Aged (old) beer, the brewers have created their own modern version of the Original Melbourne Porters enjoyed in the late 1800s during Gold Rush times.

Accompanying their reimagined Old Melbourne Porter of yesteryear are a couple of very recent additions to the modern craft brewing. Firstly, a Bergamot infused XPA, hop forward with a light body and a delicious citrus twist, and secondly, a Catharina Sour (a Brazilian kettle-soured fruit beer) that is chock a block full of passionfruit and guava.

The D’s who have been pumping out delicious souvlakis at the brewery for the last 3 months and are going to step up their offering for the day into a 3-course, Italian inspired feast. Kids, vegetarian and non-drinking options will all be available. Tickets are now available for purchase online:

On with the Brewing News....

Viper - XPA - Fresh Wort Kits are here! NEW!
Viper - XPA - Fresh Wort Kits are here! NEW!

Viper XPA BeerCo All Grain Recipe Kit is a super light malt body eXtra Pale Ale that is fully hopped with fruit forward tropical hops and fermented out nice and bone dry. Rather like a Viper it slides down easy but be careful as there is enough in this XPA to make you forget her capability to give you a sting if you are not enjoying yourself responsibly.

Two Malts - Crisp Europils and Dextrin Malt and Two Hops - El Dorado® and Equanot™ who will dance off to the tune of GY001 Nor Cal Ale #1 GigaYeast. The simplicity of this beer is its natural brilliance. 

Brewed at an Independent Local Fresh Craft Brewery this is seriously good Craft Quality Wort ready to ferment! We recommend you ferment this one nice and dry with your choice of Yeast.

Brewing has never been this easy! We brew craft quality fresh wort so all you have to do is #clean #rinse #sanitise your fermenter pour in a cube and #fermenthappy and #brewhappy!
So what are you waiting for? Get your Fresh Wort Kit brewing on and make sure you have Viper | XPA on Tap or in Bottles for when your friends come knocking in Spring!
Get your Viper | XPA Fresh Wort Kits NOW!
Crisp Amber Malt
Crisp Amber Malt
$5.95/1Kg - $23.80/5Kg (SAVE 20%) / $89.25/25Kg (SAVE 40%)

Crisp Amber Malt is the lowest coloured of the roasted malts and imparts a toasty, biscuity maltiness to bitter, ales, milds, porters and stouts, good for depth of flavour without too much intensity.

It has no diastatic power and should only be used up to 15% of the grist.

For Professional Craft Brewer and Distiller and Home Brew Shop Trade Inquiries for Crisp Amber Malt please drop us an email to

In addition to Crisp Amber Malt you might also like to try...

Insist on Crisp! Crisp Amber Malt in your next Brew Happy!
Insist on Crisp Amber Malt in Your next Brew Happy!
Challenger UK Hops
Challenger UK Hops
AU$8.95/100g - AU$313.25/5Kg (SAVE 30% OFF 100g Price)

Challenger UK Hops feature decent bitterness and a floral aroma and as such are considered fine for both bittering and/or for aroma additions and dry hopping. Her flavor is smooth with balanced floral characteristics, some citrus and a dash of spice.  Widely used in European brews, Challenger UK hops give off a rich aroma of cedar, green tea, spice, and a hint of fresh floral. 

  • Harvest: 2018 Batch: T9018119  Alpha Acid 5.1%
You might also like to try some of the other great UK Hops in Shop!
Challenge Your next Brew Happy with UK Hops!
GY094 German Ale GigaYeast NEW!
GY094 German Ale GigaYeast NEW!

GY094 German Ale GigaYeast is an Ale yeast strain from a traditional Dusseldorf brewery famous for malty, balanced alt-style brews. This yeast creates a lush, malt forward beer with subtle esters of honey, pear and apple. Perfect for Sticke, Doppelsticke and Altbiers but also makes a great choice for any malt forward beer with generous mouthfeel.

Attenuation Medium Gravity*    75% – 77%

Attenuation High Gravity*          64% – 68%

Temperature Range†                   18˚ – 22˚C (64˚F – 72˚F)

Flocculation                                  Medium

Representative Styles: 

  • Altbier
  • Sticke
  • Doppelsticke
  • Malt forward beer styles
For Professional Brewer GigaYeast Pro-Pitches send your inquiries to us at

You might also like to try these other FRESH OFF THE PLANE German Style GigaYeast just dropped in the Shop at 
Get your Giga on with NEW! GY094 German Ale GigaYeast
D-90 Premium Dark Candi Syrup
D-90 Premium Dark Candi Syrup

Candi Syrup is most widely used in Belgium for the production of special and Trappist ales.

There are several types of candi syrup, ranging from light to dark, and virtually all brewers use it in liquid form. The flavor of candi syrup can be very clean and sweet at the light end and very caramel-like and toffee-like at the dark end.

We have just landed a shipment of FRESH OFF THE BOAT Candi Syrup with a full range of colours in easy to open, pour and store 1lb/16oz or 454g Pouches.

Pack Sizes:

  • Pouches - 1 lb / 454g - Easy to Open, Pour and Store!
  • Cartons - 20 x 1 lb (454g) Pouches = 9.08 Kg - BULK UP! and SAVE 34% OFF 1 lb Pouch Price [Note: add 20 or more of any Candi Syrup to your cart to get BULK DISCOUNT automatically applied at checkout]
6 Varieties of Colour and Intensity available for your Brewing Happy!
Make Your Brew Happy Sparkle with Candi Syrup!
Brexit - XX Bitter Ale - BeerCo All Grain Recipe Kit
Brexit - XX Bitter Ale - BeerCo All Grain Recipe Kit

We all love an XX British Bitter Ale so why not brew something quintessentially british old chap like an XX English Bitter Ale to celebrate the Brexit. Full Crisp Malt character with the finest Maris Otter and Amber Malt, UK Challenger Hops and your choice of liquid British Ale GigaYeast or Nottingham Ale Yeast Cheers!

Get Your XX British Bitter Ale Brewing On!

How to Brew like a Pro: Forced Ferment

Following up on a successful event last year that raised over $1000 for the Men’s Shed, Fury and Son Brewing Company, in association with and The D’s Souvlaki are again hosting a Father’s Day three course beer brunch.
On Sunday 1 September 2019 at 11:00am
Location: Fury and Son Brewing Co 46 Concorde Drive, Keilor Park, VIC 3042
Buy Tickets Here: 
Come and say g'day to us at IBA BrewCon 2019 right here in MELbrewin' - we will be in the trade hall Trade Booth #16

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